Shish Kebabs

As you know kebabs are my favourite food i love them not only because they are tasty but they are so easy and quick to make. The flavour combinations are endless, however when i make them i usually reach for the Spicentice rubs they take all the hassle of our trying to get the right flavour and when you are busy who wants to be trying to blend a spice mix? definitely no me!

Spices i use are found here use discount code JULES20 For 20% of any order (AFFILIATE)

I always mix my spices with yogurt before coating the chicken this protects the chicken to stop it drying out during the cooking process, so what you get is a baked outer coating but the chicken is still moist.

You can grill or BBQ the kebabs and they are fantastic served with a homemade flatbread press here for recipe

Slow Cooker Char Sui Pulled Pork

Born out of pure laziness 🙈 but these sometimes are the best creations and i can promise this was so good and im definitely making it again real soon.

I used a Spicentice spice kit which is designed to make Char Sui Spare Ribs, but i didn’t have any so decided to use a pork joint i used leg with all fat removed, this recipe really shows how versatile these kits are. Buy your kits from Spicentice press here use discount code JULES20 for 20% off any order (AFFILIATE)

The recipe below is for 2 portions as this was basically a test batch for 4 portions i wouldn’t double up the quantities just add 1 more portion of the liquids – so where it says 2 tablespoons add 3 etc.

Chipolte Potato Bites

I love potatoes and think they are a really inexpensive way of bulking out a meal especially if you have children.

These were really good that subtle hit of Chipolte worked a treat – the spice i used is from use discount code JULES20 for 20% off any order (AFFILIATE)

I always par boil my potatoes using the microwave method i just find it easier especially if the hob is full of pans trying to get other parts of the meal cooked, plus it cuts down on cooking time in the oven. As you will see i dont use my oven to cook these i use a halogen but the temperatures and times given are for a conventional oven.

Why do i use a halogen??? cost basically – the cost of heating an oven to temperature and then cooking can be horrendous when you are just cooking a few potatoes – a halogen heats immediately and the cost is hugely reduced due to the heating methods they use. You will find the one i use on my Amazon Shop press here

NOTE:- the “how to” for the potatoes is in the 2nd part of the below video

Peri Peri Pork Kebabs (Spicentice)

I have wanted to make this recipe for weeks now and i have finally got around to it and it did not disappoint! Im using Spicentice Peri Peri Chicken spice kit which serves 4 i used half the sachet and will use the other half another day. Spicentice also have a Portuguese Peri Peri spice which i love this would also work well in this recipe.

Spices are from use discount code JULES10 for 10% off any order (AFFILIATE)

Pork is a relatively cheap cut of meat and is very lean which means it can have a tendency to dry out and be tough which is why you will see i have used yogurt to coat the pork. My top tip here is to ensure the yogurt is “baked” cooked so its hard to the touch – if its not cooked all you will taste is the yogurt. If the yogurt isnt charred and cooked turn the heat up high for a couple of minutes this shouldn’t dry the meat out as the yogurt protects the meat from the heat.

Portuguese Peri Peri Pork Chops (Spicentice)

I have made these many times and if you like Nando’s these really have that vibe / taste to them. Pork is such a cheap cut of meat and for us has always been a firm family favourite.

However everytime I cook these chops I get asked how I cook them how do I get such a lovely colour and how do I stop the drying out. So here it is my “HOW TO” .

I like my meat well cooked and that in itself can dry meat out but I use the Jamie Oliver technique which I think he designed for novice cooks like me, at the time I was terrified of cooking meat 🙈🙈. This method just works it slows down the process you’ve got time to adjust heat settings etc and for me it definitely helps with not over cooking meat.

This spice is part of the Licence to Grill kit from Spicentice use discount code JULES 20 FOR 20% OFF ANY ORDER (AFFILIATE)

Soulvaki (Spicentice)

As you know i love Spicentice kits they just work, they save time cooking in the kitchen, help mix up meals and keep them interesting.

My all time favourite food is anything chicken, kebabs and flatbread lol i could live on this food and this kit from Spicentice did not disappoint, plus its so easy to prep and cook as they have done all the hard work with regards to flavour for you.

The kits serve 4 but as you know there are only 2 of us so i either make up the whole kit or half it and use it another time, each kit comes with the ingredients you need and a full set of cooking instructions for this one i just followed the instruction card as you will see in the video below.

Kits can be found at

The kit i used in this recipe is you can use my code JULES 20 FOR 20% off any order (AFFILIATE)

Sausage & Beans (Spicentice)

Another fantastic kit from Spicentice this is the perfect “one pot” meal and is designed to be cooked on the hob but as always with me i popped it in the slow cooker and it worked perfectly!

These kits are so adaptable and i always adapt the recipe to suit, in this recipe i swapped butter beans to pinto beans as i didn’t have butter beans, i swapped English mustard to wholegrain mustard as im not a huge fan of English mustard. So did these swaps work??? absolutely.

Each kit comes with the ingredients list and cooking instructions so you can just follow that and cook the meal as its intended – but i also think its really important to show you just how adaptable these kits are.

Purchase your kits from use discount code JULES 20 for 20% off any order this is my affiliate code with Spicentice.

Vegetarian Enchiladas (Spicentice)

Oh my days what a treat these were i have never made enchiladas and definitely not made vegetarian ones lol. I used a spice kit from Spicentice which you can purchase from this is from their Vegan range but i made them vegetarian, use my discount code JULES20 for 20% off AD. But if you dont want to make them vegetarian and have leftover chicken from Sunday dinner this is a perfect way to use it up.

I decided to adapt the recipe on the Spicentice card as i wanted to make the meal a quick 15 minute mid week meal and it really didn’t take much longer than this to make. You will see i only made 3 enchiladas but had lots of mixture left over which will keep in the fridge for 4 days in an air tight container or you can freeze it, plus it doesn’t just have to be enchiladas it could be Taco’s, Burritos you could even add mash to the top and make it into a spicy shepherds pie.

Spicentice Vegan Sausage Pie

Im a huge fan of Spicentice and was really excited to try out the new Vegan range they have created however, as i have said in the video for me personally moving to a vegan diet is just not for me but i have huge amounts of respect for anyone who makes changes to their lifestyle and diet.

The kit is supposed to be shepherds pie but after a vote on my Facebook page the finished meal as you will see is Vegetarian Sausage Pie and i have to say it was the right decision the end meal was delicious.

Moving forward im going to try and create 1 Vegetarian recipe per week and have 1 meat free day per week so these kits will really help me on this new venture.

Spice Kits are from use discount code Jules 20 for 20% off any order ( #ad)

Spicentice Salt & Pepper Chicken & Chips

This is one of my favourite Spicentice meals it makes a fantastic weekend meal and it never disappoints! I don’t actually follow the cooking instructions on the back of the card 🙈 as I just find it easier doing this way but do whichever way is easiest for you.

I’m making 2 portions and the kits make 4 so I will save half and use it another day.

This is truly a fantastic weekend meal and can be served with so many different side dishes you could add egg fried rice, noodles, spring rolls it really does make a great basis for a Chinese banquet meal.

I always use a bag of stir fry with this meal to bulk it out I cook this separately with a splash of Soy Sauce.

If you decide to try any of the Spicentice kits you can use my discount code Jules20 for 20% off any order (AFFILIATE)

Southern Fried Chicken Bites

Another video from my “tea time cooking sessions” and this one is an absolute perfect family meal the kids will love this one! It went down a storm in our house and will be back on the menu very soon. 

In this video i have used cornflakes as i think it adds a better crunch to the chicken bites and the spices i added are from Click Here →Spicentice website and if you want to try any spices you can use my discount code Jules 20% which will get you 20% off any order (affiliate link/code)

Spicentice Chinese Chicken

I love a good curry and this is a good curry and i also love Spicentice and make no bones about how good i think their products are. This curry is designed to be cooked on the hob but i have also cooked this in the slow cooker. So here you will find the method for both ways, all i know is next time i cook it I’m making up 4 portions and freezing two as its such a fantastic fakeway.

The recipe calls for flour to thicken the sauce but i used XANTHAN GUM which you can find in most supermarkets you only need a small amount, don’t be fooled and start adding more – let the sauce reduce after you have added it and if you feel you need more add only tiny amounts.

If you want to try any of the Spicentice rubs or meal kits hit the link here →→ Spicentice

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The onion slicer i use in the video is on my Amazon shop press the link it will take you there then look under kitchen gadgets


I followed the ingredients and instructions on the card the only thing i did different was add the ginger and garlic into the stock it actually made no difference to the end taste and i didn’t use flour to thicken the curry.


Lots of top tips in this video so keep you ears open – this method worked really well and if you are busy its a perfect solution.

Southern Style Chicken (KFC) Using Spicentice

As you will see i have not made this one since 2018 lol its so easy to miss some fantastic recipes when you get stuck in a rut and especially changing seasons from Winter into Summer. In this version i used cornflakes as i find they give a better crunch but you can use breadcrumbs, panko breadcrumbs or anything else you like.

Spice kits are available from use code JULES20 for 20% off any order (AFFILIATE)

Live Cooking video making a KFC Style Meal.

Now this was such a treat and well worth making and to be really honest it was super simple it looks like a lot of work has gone into the meal from the finished picture but trust me its all about cheating lol.

You can swap out the panko breadcrumbs for a slice of bread blitzed up if you wish and if following slimming world this can then be your HEb.  The gravy mix i used was from Home Bargains but you can buy it from B&M also. 

Firecracker Chicken by Spicentice

Firstly let me just say this was AMAZING and if you decide to make it i know you will be as impressed as i was.

Its a really simple one to make and the spice/heat level can be easily adjusted by altering the garlic and ginger you add.  The packet serves 4 and batch cooks well and freezes well so a great one for a little weekend cook off, plus this will make a fantastic fakeway saving the syns on a takeway!

I have used Spicentice for over 2 years now and have never been disappointed with any of their products their customer service is fantastic if you want to try any of their products i also have a discount code JULES20 which will get you 20% off anything you order

Beer Can Chicken

Now this was really good and relatively easy to make a little messy but so worth the effort! You will see i have used Spicentice beer can chicken spice pack which was amazing and you can find them online but if you want to try it out you can use your favourite spice it will still work.

This is the second time i have made this and i would recommend you separate the skin from the breast and get some of the spices between the breast and the skin because if like me you dont eat the skin a lot of the flavour gets lost and doesn’t penetrate to the meat.

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Beef Burgers

Let me tell you a little secret – i don’t like “shop bought” beef burgers and i have never had a McDonalds beef burger either. Not sure where this dislike of beef burgers has come from but all i know is i dont like them.

Fast forward to my love of cooking and now i will eat them but only if i or Graeme make them from scratch i love making them as you can add so many different flavours and seasonings to them – these have even passed the “kids test” so i know I’m on the right track.

You will see i don’t use an egg to bind the burgers together i use the juice from the blended onion which not only adds loads of flavour but is a great binding agent. As always bind the burgers whichever way you and your family like and enjoy.

I always make a huge batch of these as once BBQ season starts these bad boys don’t last long at all – they freeze well for batch cooking.

The spices i use are Spicentice Gourmet Burger Rub use Code JULES20 for 20% off any order press here

Slow Cooker Meatballs

Got to admit these were absolutely fab! i made my own meatballs to keep the dish syn free if your following slimming world but use whatever meatballs you want or make your own in batches and freeze until you need them again which is what i did – i basically made a huge batch of cooked meatballs and froze the leftovers. See the old Youtube video to see how i make my own homeade meatballs.

Since making this recipe way way back a lot has changed in the world of meatballs lol and lots of manufacturers have really upped their game and created lower fat lower calorie versions. In this updated recipe i used ready made meatballs from Asda and to be honest they were really good they weren’t fatty and held together well. So i guess the question is do you really need to make your own, to be honest i think i will save myself sometime and use ready made.

Italian herbs i use in the video are from Spicentice Use my discount code (affiliate) Jules 20 for 20% off any order

In this version i used the meatballs to create a pasta bake but you can serve it with anything you like

I use the same recipe to make meatball subs from and these are amazing so easy to make.

You will see from the video i haven’t used an egg to bind the meatballs together this is because i use a cooked onion and find the moisture from the onion is enough to hold them together but if you want to used an egg please do – flavour the meatballs in anyway you like i used Spicentice Italian rub but any herbs will do even a bit of garlic would be nice, the choice as always is yours

Tandoori Chicken Kebabs

Quick simple but mega tasty love chicken kebabs and with a bit of planning you can prep them the day before and marinate in the fridge overnight if not then 1 hour will do. I used Spicentice tandoori spice but used whatever spice you like or have remember if following slimming world to syn anything that carries a value.

I used yogurt on this batch because it protects the chicken from burning and drying out – but add thats charred look and taste to the kebabs

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Slow Cooker Red Thai Curry (spicentice)

Wow this was amazing as you know im a huge fan of Spicentice kits and this delivered flavour in bucket loads – you can do this on the hob which is where its supposed to be cooked but hey you know me into the slow cooker it goes!  You will see i used coconut flavoured milk and coconut flavouring to keep the dish syn free if your following slimming world, if you not then add coconut milk as it states on the shopping list

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Chicken Tikka Masala (Spicentice)

This is fab way of creating a very low syn Masala the spice pack from Spicentice is syn free and you can you fat free yogurt instead of cream or light cream personally i would used light cream. On the pack it doesn’t mention blending the sauce smooth but i think it worked better this way as the onions and cream blended make a beautiful thick sauce for the chicken tikka.  We cooked the chicken tikka on the BBQ but it can also be cooked under the grill.

Full cooking instructions are on the spice pack together with a shopping list of ingredients very easy to follow even for the most nervous of cooks

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