Chilli Cheesy Nacho Feast

This is a recipe i use lots mainly because its so easy and you can have it on the table in the time it takes the chips to cook.

We always have a portion of Chilli in our freezer (you could use spag bol for this also) which really speeds up the cooking process and works perfectly in this recipe.

For my chilli recipe press here

How i cook my chips and wedges press here

When i make this recipe the key is to cook the chips / wedges approx 90% through because you need to put them back into the oven or under the grill for 5-10 mins for the cheese to melt and you don’t want burned chips, that little bit of time it takes the cheese to melt will finish off the cooking of the chips.

Slow Cooker Ham Broth

This a new take on an old recipe my mum used to make which my brother and I called “gruel” OK it wasn’t awful or anything like that but when you are little all you really want to eat is sausage egg and chips 🤣🤣

I remember my mum cooking this in our pressure cooker, that gadget used to put the fear of god into me wondering if the house was going to blowing up – that tiny little weight thing on top of the lid rattling for dear life.

Pressure cookers like everything else in life have come a long way thankfully and so has this recipe or my take on it.

Let’s talk broth mix, when you are using a slow cooker you really don’t need to presoak the broth mix if you leave it long enough it will cook perfectly. However that’s where the problem lies you could end up with crunchy lentils if it’s not cooked for the correct period of time, so I have suggested you presoaking them.

I used leftover Gammon / Ham in my recipe but you can really use anything leftover lamb, bacon chicken but if the meat is cooked add it the last hour of cooking.

If you are confident in using your slow cooker this is a perfect recipe for overnight cooking providing the smell of cooking wafting through the house doesn’t wake you up.

Creamy Honey Mustard Chicken

I have seen various recipes for this floating around social media but I wanted to try and tweak it slightly to make it more calorie friendly.

The recipe states 1 chicken breast or 2 if you like the reason for this is when you start to add vegetables into this recipe together with the pasta it really does make loads depending on your portion sizes this easily serves 3. I used 1 chicken breast and i felt it was enough when everything was added but as always do what suits you best.

This recipe isn’t cast in stone as it’s perfect for adding all those bits in the fridge that need using up and when you see the “how to video” you will see i added ingredients that are optional but definetly not necessary.

In short it’s a fab base recipe for you to add whatever you like to it.

Sweet & Sour Chicken Nuggets

I have been trying to make this recipe since the beginning of January 🙈 as its a perfect vegetarian recipe for Meat Free Monday but as with all things in my life it takes time to get these things done.

However, here we are and I can definitely say this one was worth the wait it was amazing really hit the spot and if you’re craving a takeaway then maybe give this a try.

Use any chicken nuggets you like i used Quorn to keep the recipe vegetarian but any will work. In the recipe you will see i have said either add the nuggets to the pan after they are cooked and coat them in the sauce or pour the sauce over them.

The reason for this is that to coating on the nuggets can go soft and a little “soggy” if you leave them sitting in the sauce too long – but to be honest I really enjoyed them that way, this is one of those personal preference things.

OK let’s get to the million dollar question regarding SYNS or calories unfortunately I can’t give you that information because it depends on the ingredients used.

Tomato Sauce – depends on the brand you use at the minute I’m using Tesco own brand low salt low sugar which is 7 Cals per tablespoon such a fantastic find – but yours maybe different and much higher or lower in calories.

Sugar – If you are following Slimming World Sweetener is now synned but if you are a rebel like me then I don’t and won’t syn its because I don’t use it anywhere else in my diet. Remember to do whatever is best for you and the diet plan you are following.

Garlic & Rosemary Smashed Roast Potatoes

During the Winter months I think there are only so many times you can eat roast potatoes before you start looking for an alternative or a different flavour and here we are.

These were gorgeous they really took on the garlic and rosemary flavour but without it being overpowering . Plus they made a fantastic change to normal roasties.

My top tip is once you have cut your potatoes stand them in a bowl of cold water for as long as possible I usually Chop mine first thing on a morning and leave them until dinner time. This removes some of the starch from the potatoes making them easier to cook and they also seem to need less oil.

I also par boiled my potatoes in the microwave, it’s just so much easier this way plus your potatoes don’t absorb loads of water making them “mushy”. It is definetly easier to cook them once par boiled plus it reduces the cooking time.

Slow Cooker Marmalade & Black Pepper Gammon

I wanted to create a budget family friendly meal especially for Sunday Dinner and I can say with full confidence I definitely nailed it.

The gammon was perfect I used 1kg unsmoked Gammon which we got from the Co-op costing £3.50 this joint will feed a family of four or more depending on what you served with it.

One recurring comment with Gammon is “mine falls apart and does not slice” this is because the gammon is overcook, there is nothing wrong with that shredded Gammon is gorgeous.

If you want your Gammon to slice you need a digital meat thermometer and once the internal cooked temperature is reached remove it from the slow cooker.

The digital meat thermometer I use is on my Amazon Shop press here


The MY Spike was kindly gifted to me by the Company and I have to say I’m so pleased I agreed to test it out.

As you know Im a huge fan of kebabs and have made them many different ways including creating a spike stuck in a potato – this kind of works but it’s so unstable.

The MY Spike cooks the chicken which is placed onto the spike from the inside out making It super easy to ensure the centre of the Kebab is cooked

In the video below you will see how I built the Kebab and my thoughts regarding the product.

My Spike do have a facebook page which is

How I make and marinate my kebabs press here

Slow Cooker Turkey

This is the first time I have cooked a Turkey, I’m not overly keen on it and Graeme doesn’t like it either.

However every year my inbox is flooded with questions of how to do it so this year I decided as part of my Christmas Cooking sessions to bite the bullet and cook one.

For me turkey can be tasteless and dry and most recipes will start with laying bacon on the breast or pushing butter and herbs under the breast skin. I decided to ignore all of these a tried and tested methods and pop my turkey into the slow cooker.

Using a slow cooker to cook lean meats is a fantastic way to lock in moisture and stop the meat drying out so for me the ideal way to cook turkey.

Then there is the tasteless part I decided to add sweetness in the form of orange and marmalade these flavours worked really well and also helped the gravy taste amazing.

The below method can be used for any turkey joint whole, crown etc.

The Fat separator jug, slow cooker and digital meat thermometer I use are on my Amazon Shop under kitchen gadgets

Hot Beef Baps (Cheats Version) With Honey Glazed Carrots & Parsnips

As you will have guessed by now I’m a huge fan of cheating when it comes to cooking and i make no apologies for doing so.

When the weekend comes there are times i have just had enough of cooking and the thought of cooking a full Sunday Dinner can fill me with dread, so adding a few ingredients that just need microwaving really helps.

In this video i have used Asda beef in gravy which was lovely i have also used the Tesco beef in Gravy and its equally as good.

There is no written recipe for this as its more of an idea than a hard and fast recipe.

Tinned Potatoes to Roast Potatoes

When you run out of time and energy to cook the real things here is a fantastic hack.

Remember tinned potatoes are already cooked they just need reheating and in this case browning.

You can add any flavourings you like salt & pepper works well as a basic flavour. What you get it a crispy outer with a soft inner potato now these aren’t ever going to replace the real thing but they are a brilliant midweek alternative

Christmas Sprouts

Now as a child my mum traumatise me with her cooking of these little suckers they were boiled to death mush, even the dog wouldn’t eat them 😂

So now we take a different approach and slice or shred them and basically stir fry them to ensure they still have some crunch.

I added bacon Lardons to these but you could add pancetta. Use smoked or unsmoked whichever you like, to be honest I’m not keen on smoke bacon but the smoke Lardons worked really well with the Sprouts in this recipe.

Pine Nuts can be expensive so I will leave it to you if you want to add them or not.

I’m not a lover of cranberry sauce so I added a couple of spoonfuls of beetroot and orange chutney and it was delicious any sweet chutney will work.

The slicer chopper I’m using is on my Amazon Shop press the link it will take you there then look under kitchen gadgets


Love a beef curry but making one can but a bit of a ballache at times. In this recipe I have cheated to the max 🙈 but don’t let that put you off because this recipe is still super tasty but super easy.

I used Pataks curry paste to create the base of the curry let’s face it grinding up spices during the week isn’t going to happen, this cheat works really well.

In the video I have done all the added bits that create the layers of flavour, softening down the onions and browning off the beef. However I’ve also made this curry without doing any of these things and ok there is a taste difference but it’s not a deal breaker.

If you are on a tight time schedule and don’t have time to faff around just leave these extra steps out, remember this is your meal for you and your family so do whatever is best for you to get food on the table. I’m pretty sure no one died because these steps were missed out.

Creamy Chicken & Chorizo Pasta Bake

A fantastic easy midweek meal that is pure comfort food. In this recipe I have used cooked chicken, because at the beginning of the week I cooked a whole chicken in the slow cooker and this is one of the meals I used it in.

This recipe is another one where you can add in any vegetables you like and any vegetables that need using up its a really versitile meal.

For the cream cheese use any make or brand you like i used Primula as its really easy to work with and handles heat well.

TOP TIP ‼️ When making the sauce ensure there is enough to coat all the contents of the pan and extra sauce, as this dish needs to be put under the grill – this will “cook off” some of the liquid (sauce)

One Chicken 3 Different Meals

I love doing these “money saving” meal ideas as they can really help when you need to pull in those purse strings.

Cooking a whole chicken in the slow cooker and then stripping it from the carcass is probably the ultimate money spinner the chicken I’m using was 1.4kg costing £2.95.

This a a perfect size chicken for 2 with lots leftover or a family of 4 for 1 meal.

TOP TIP‼️ As soon as the chicken is cool enough to touch remove as much meat as possible, unfortunately I had to pop mine in the fridge overnight which makes it slightly more difficult to get all the meat from the carcass.


You can find all information here but I’ve also done a really short quick video to help


A fantastic easy midweek meal that is pure comfort food. In this recipe I have used cooked chicken, because at the beginning of the week I cooked a whole chicken in the slow cooker and this is one of the meals I used it in.

This recipe is another one where you can add in any vegetables you like and any vegetables that need using up its a really versitile meal.

For the cream cheese use any make or brand you like i used Primula as its really easy to work with and handles heat well.

TOP TIP ‼️ When making the sauce ensure there is enough to coat all the contents of the pan and extra sauce, as this dish needs to be put under the grill – this will “cook off” some of the liquid (sauce)


A perfect soup for this time of the year and is a fantastic way of using up leftover chicken from Sunday dinner. This soup is from my “Fuller For Longer” recipes as it has extra ingredients to help fill you up on colder days.


A perfect way to use up leftover chicken to make a tasty quick easy lunch, use any wraps you like, cheese and BBQ sauce.

The hot plate im using in the video is on my Amazon Shop look under kitchen gadgets press here

Removing Fat From Meat Juices METHOD ONE “SIEVE”

There are so many different methods for doing this and I’m pretty sure we all have our favourite. Today I’m giving you one method which out of most of them is probably the quickest.

For me making gravy from the meat juices is the tastiest but not always the most healthy.

When I’m cooking a really fatty joint such as pork I use a completely different method (ice cubes) but I will come back to that on a different day – the sieve method works on fatty joints but you may need to sieve it twice just to be sure the fat is removed.

Crispy Kale

During the cooler months i use a lot of kale either with “fakeaways” or with Sunday Dinner and i always get asked how i cook mine, so as we are heading back into the cooler months here is my “how to” video.

I buy my kale from whichever supermarket i shop at usually Tesco – always wash in cold water and pat dry make sure you get all the water out as you don’t want to steam the kale in the pan it needs to fry.

My top top is always remove all stalks especially the thick “woody” ones this will really help with cooking and taste. You will see in the video i add a sprinkle of chilli flakes this is optional but if you haven’t tried this please give it a whirl it really does add a fantastic flavour.


When you are trying to add more vegetables into your diet Courgetti is a fantastic way of doing it.

Personally I can just eat it as Courgetti and feel satisfied but if I’m on a “hungry day” then I always add a small amount of spaghetti. The half Courgetti half spaghetti works really well and if you are watching calories it is a fantastic way of reducing calories.

In the video you will see i added a small sprinkle of chilli flakes, this works well but if you’re not a fan then leave them out.

Top tip don’t add salt to Courgetti as it will draw the water out and courgette is practically all water so you can run the risk of water logging it.

The spiralizer I use is in my Amazon Shop press the link here

No Cheeseburger Gnocchi

Another brilliant Meat Free Monday recipe we both loved this, plus it’s another recipe that is very adaptable so anything that needs using up can be added.

As with all vegetarian recipes you can if course make this a meat version by using any mince or sausages you have.

I used meat free sausages basically because it was all I had but you could use quorm mince. The sausages I used were Tesco Plant Chef which taste exactly the same as the Linda McCartney Red Onion sausages so if you have those they will work perfectly.

Let’s talk gnocchi, the key with gnocchi is not to over cook it as soon as it floats to the top its cooked drain it immediately. If you leave it to cook it will take on a very soft “mushy” texture. Or if you aren’t a fan of gnocchi you can use pasta as an alternative.

The recipe states serves 3 but you could stretch this to 4 if you add lots of vegetables as side dishes.

I sometimes add cheese to the top and grill it and boy that works so well.

The Gourmet Burger Rub is from Spicentice use discount code JULES10 FOR 10% off any order press here

Shish Kebabs

As you know kebabs are my favourite food i love them not only because they are tasty but they are so easy and quick to make. The flavour combinations are endless, however when i make them i usually reach for the Spicentice rubs they take all the hassle of our trying to get the right flavour and when you are busy who wants to be trying to blend a spice mix? definitely no me!

Spices i use are found here use discount code JULES20 For 20% of any order (AFFILIATE)

I always mix my spices with yogurt before coating the chicken this protects the chicken to stop it drying out during the cooking process, so what you get is a baked outer coating but the chicken is still moist.

You can grill or BBQ the kebabs and they are fantastic served with a homemade flatbread press here for recipe

Slow Cooker Char Sui Pulled Pork

Born out of pure laziness 🙈 but these sometimes are the best creations and i can promise this was so good and im definitely making it again real soon.

I used a Spicentice spice kit which is designed to make Char Sui Spare Ribs, but i didn’t have any so decided to use a pork joint i used leg with all fat removed, this recipe really shows how versatile these kits are. Buy your kits from Spicentice press here use discount code JULES20 for 20% off any order (AFFILIATE)

The recipe below is for 2 portions as this was basically a test batch for 4 portions i wouldn’t double up the quantities just add 1 more portion of the liquids – so where it says 2 tablespoons add 3 etc.