Slow Cooker Chilli

Another super easy and super quick recipe you will see i softened down the onions but thats personal preference if you dont want to or dont have time then chop and chuck them in. I would suggest you fry off the mince as it helps hold it together.  Add anything you want or anything that needs using up also add as much or as little chilli as you want – i like it hot hot hot! I have made this chilli today as part of my batch cooking and filling the freezer again this recipe makes 4 good sized portions and is a fantastic fall back when time is tight as it reheats perfectly

If you want to make this dish vegetarian and are using quorn add it towards the end of cooking say the last 40mins

Below are some of the meals i have made out of the slow cooker chilli, im a firm believer in always trying to find new ways to serve up old family favourites and to try and keep meals interesting.

Chilli Enchiladas Use slow cooker chilli to fill Enchiladas
Find recipe here
Chilli Cheesy Fries Use slow cooker chilli, cook wedges. Add chilli to bowl arrange wedges top with cheese Place under a grill to melt cheese.
Taco Bowls i love these as you can fill them with anything you like. How i make the taco bowl press here
Chilli pasta bake, warm the chill, cook pasta add it to the chilli top with cheese then under the grill to melt the cheese.

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