Clearing Down My Freezer Saving Money & Food Planning

This is another feature from my Facebook page and im now entering into week 2 of clearing my freezer of food that doesn’t fit into the Autumnal food category. I have noticed a huge difference in my shopping bills over the last 2 weeks because im not shopping mindlessly which we are all guilty of at times.

The next step for me will be to restock my freezer with more hearty Autumnal meals but first i need to create the space to do this. I hope you find this video helpful as its very different to the majority of the content i make.

Freezer Bag Soup

Who doesn’t hate food waste well if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will know its one of my pet hates throwing away perfectly good vegetables, so here is a little nifty trick to save all those vegetables that are destined for the bin.

I keep the bag in my freezer until its full them make soup and you wouldn’t believe the quality of soup it makes its always super tasty.

You can freeze any vegetables raw so give it a go and save those veggies from getting put in the bin

My No Food Waste Soup

You will have probably noticed by now i hate food waste and i know sometimes it cant be helped but i thought i would do a little video of how i transform mine into soup, this is the second time i have made this kind of soup using all the odds and ends from weekday meals and anything lurking in the fridge and both have been fab!  I have chopped and chucked everything into the slow cooker but you can easily do this on the hob

Leftovers Soup (top tip)

We all have them but the dilemma is what to do with them! this time of year is perfect for making soup and any leftovers can easily be made into soup even meatball leftovers – yep as you will see from my little video

The great thing about this is most of the time its all syn free if your following slimming world and if you dont need it right away you can portion it up and freeze it until you do need it, ive done this in the slow cooker but you can easily do it on the hob

Left Over Pasta

Cooked way too much pasta for tea but then again i always do i never get it just right but it always makes fab quick go to meals when im in a hurry or hungry – which is usally all the time! Pasta will last in an air tight container in the fridge for days and reheating it is easy…..microwave it for a couple of minutes until its hot! The key is to spray it with oil coating the pasta which stops it drying out