Hot Dog & Chips

OK there’s nothing revolutionary about making hot dogs and chips or wedges.

However, I do feel we can lose sight of what you can actually eat when trying to lose weight, you can eat these types of food and drop those pounds and inches.

The key with any diet is portion control and bulking a meal out buy adding lots of salad or vegetables as this is the “filling power” and fibre and we all know how important fibre is to our diet.

Pizza Bagels

A brilliant way of getting a quick lunch and perfect for the little ones, add any toppings use any cheese, add any flavours you like.

You will see from the images below i have also use a wholemeal pitta bread to make these, they work just as well – just use the method in the video.

To top mine i add mushrooms, pepper, tomatoes, and usually a mini peperami stick.

PITTA PIZZA Same method just using a pitta bread instead of a bagel

Cheats Egg Fried Rice

As you know im all about mid week cheats and hacks and to me standing cooking rice is one of my pet hates and it either turns out brilliantly or a soggy mess 😂😂🙈

So here is a fool proof way of getting perfect egg fried rice everything time………cheat! You will see i used a pouch of microwave rice but heated it in the pan instead of the microwave i love these pouches and they are becoming more budget friendly especially the supermarket own brands. If you have cooked rice that needs using up that will also work

Add whatever flavours you like some people like to add a splash of soy sauce, but in this one i left it out because the meal i served it with already had soy sauce in it.

Pimp Up Your Packet Rice

Lately i have been using more and more microwave pouch rices mainly because they are just so quick to use. However, they can lack bulk and taste at times so i have put together a little video of how i bulk mine out and add more taste and texture to a boring rice.

You can also do this with any leftover rice you have, add any spices, any vegetables that need using up or any herbs you have its a fantastic way of dealing with anything that is destined for the bin.


This is basically my flatbread recipe for the base but decided to write up a separate recipe and do the how to video as I’m pretty sure this will answer all the questions I get asked lol.

You can make these as big or as small as you like it really depends how many you are feeding and what you are serving it with. The one i made served 2 of us with a huge salad a new potatoes.

Serves 2 with sides or 1 without sides

Taco Bowl

A fantastic way to create a taco bowl that you can fill with anything you want. I filled mine with slow cooker spag bol and topped with cheese.

Use any tortilla wraps you like it will still work in the same way.

Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta

This really isn’t a recipe as such but it is a great way of using up all those vegetables that could be heading for the bin plus this would make a perfect lunch idea. You will see that my pesto is frozen – this was because i opened a jar of shop bought pesto and knew i wasn’t going to use it all so froze it into cubes each cube is 2 tablespoons which is perfect for portion control.

Use whatever vegetables you like or add any frozen vegetables either will work well, once you have cooked this meal it will be ok to sit in the fridge for 2-3 days in an airtight container.

The food saver trays i use are on my Amazon Shop which you can find here


I love these easy recipes where you can literally add all your favourite vegetables or use up those in the fridge that are going past their best.

In this recipe you really can just use whatever you like and once its cook this will easily sit in the fridge for a couple of days and can be eaten hot or cold.


Tigg’s Bold Beetroot & Chickpea Falafel

My second recipe using these fantastic sauces by Tigg’s i loved the first recipe i created but this time i wanted to make one that could either be a Lunch or Dinner and falafel is easy to transport if you are taking lunches to work. However it also makes a brilliant evening meal , i served ours in flatbreads with salad and a small side of wedges. This also a perfect vegetarian meal for meat free Monday.

The Tigg’s sauce can be found in Tesco in the salad chiller isle but dont let that put you off its not for just dressing salads or burgers it makes a brilliant ingredient to add to recipes to get a fab depth of flavour.

Available in Tesco Salad Chiller Isle

Creamy Cajun Pasta Bake

Another fantastic Vegetarian recipe but the reason i love this one is because its a brilliant way of using up any vegetables you have that are heading towards getting thrown in the bin! and as you know i hate food waste.

Its a really adaptable recipe and you can use whatever you like the key is taking your time to create the creamy sauce. The Cajun spice i used is from Spicentice im a huge fan of their spices and meal kits you can purchase these from use discount code JULES10 for 10% off any order (AD)

Cheats Mac Cheese

A perfect storecupboard meal when all you want is mac cheese, i love the stuff but unfortunately Graeme doesn’t i mean who doesn’t like cheese!!

So for me this was the perfect solution as it makes up 1 portion or 2 if you bulk it out

Winter White Bean Soup

Another fantastic easy recipe for a filling Winter Soup and this one again will keep you fuller for longer. Its a really simple recipe and very easy to make, i made up a test batch so this serves 2 but you can easily double it up for batch cooking, it will also freeze well.

Sausage Pinwheel

This is just a really fab way of adding a little bit of something different to a meal and it doesn’t take much effort to do it either. The sausages i used are Heck Chicken Italia you can use any you like but it works best with sausages that come in links.

Cream Cheese & Broccoli Soup

Once again we are approaching that time of year when we need warm healthy filling food especially at lunchtime. I love soup but im sure im not the only only who can get stuck in a rut making the same soups over and over again, so i always try to create new soup recipes to stop the boredom setting in.

This soup is so easy to make but really tasty plus how healthy is broccoli??? totally winning on the health front lol. The recipe makes 2 portions but next time i make it i will definitely be doubling up the ingredients to make sure there is always portions in my freezer.

Pasta Quiche

A fantastic recipe for lunches or to snack on and it keeps really well in the fridge!

Use any flavour of pasta and sauce and as you will see in the video i made it up using water only and to be honest i think it works well.

You dont need to top it with cheese – but as you know i love cheese

This is a fantastic recipe for using up all those bits of vegetables looking really sad in the fridge, also if you have chicken or ham leftover from Sunday dinner add that too.

When I have made this recipe in the past I have used Quark but this time (16th June 2021) I decided to use Greek Yogurt and it worked well or you can use half yogurt half primula cheese this also works.

Healthy Chips & Wedges

One of the most asked questions i get is how do you cook your chips/ wedges??? over the years i have tried many many methods and they are ok but i find most of the methods have led to a very dry chip which to be honest isnt great.

This is the method i have used for many years now and it gives a crunch to the outside but a soft fluffy inner – which is just how i like my chips.
The pre soaking removes some of the starch which helps to chips to cook quicker and it also means you dont have to soak them in oil it really does help reduce the amount you use.

I have also used every potato under the sun and again they all work so no need to spend a fortune on what other people think are the best potatoes use whichever ones you like.

Cheats Curry

I think lunch ideas are always a difficult one especially if you are on a diet it can turn into salad everyday if you are not careful.

My facebook page tasked me with coming up with some quick and easy ideas hence all these “cheats” that are appearing on my website –  usually from packets and store cupboard staples that are quickly brought together. 

This one is could actually be a fantastic start to the basis of a good fakeaway, add some naan bread, some cooked meats etc and you have an effortless curry without the standing in the kitchen for 4 hours lol.

Cheats Stir Fry

This is a meal i made up very early on in my dieting life 😉 but to be honest its a quick easy meal that really helps use up all those bits at the bottom of the fridge and its really tasty as the little packet of “stuff” that comes with the supernoodles does most of the magic when it comes to packing in flavour. 

It works well as a vegetable dish or you can add any cooked meat you wish or cooked prawns, and if you want to be adventurous you could add more spices a splash of soy sauce….the world is your oyster.

Top tip….try and leave enough sauce when cooking the supernoodles to coat the whole meal if you can. 

Creamy Mushrooms on Toast

This is such a simple recipe but it was really tasty and will definitely be a regular on my lunchtime menu as its so easy to bring together – plus it uses up all those mushrooms lurking in the fridge!

Use any cream cheese you like i used Primula cheese & chive it worked really well flavour wise.