Cheesy Taco Gnocchi Bake

Another fantastic vegetarian meal we really enjoyed this one and it is super easy to make perfect for those days when you don’t have time to stand and cook for hours, this literally takes 15mins to get onto the table. My top tip for cooking gnocchi is don’t over cook it as soon as it floats to the top of a pan of boiling water remove it and drain it immediately.

The taco beans i used were in a spicy tomato sauce but to be honest i didn’t feel the sauce was spicy at all and once i added the vegetables to them i decided to add a teaspoon of paprika this is optional, as always taste and adjust to your liking.

Although this meal is part of my “meat free Monday ” series on instagram and facebook you can add meat to it if you wish Chicken, Minced Beef, Sausages or ham would work well.

You will notice in the video that i transferred the meal from the frying pan into an oven proof dish – this was for the end photograph only and when i make it again i will add the gnocchi to the frying pan top it with cheese and pop it under the grill. Making more washing up is not for me at all 😂😂😂😂🙈

Pimp Up Your Packet Rice

Lately i have been using more and more microwave pouch rices mainly because they are just so quick to use. However, they can lack bulk and taste at times so i have put together a little video of how i bulk mine out and add more taste and texture to a boring rice.

You can also do this with any leftover rice you have, add any spices, any vegetables that need using up or any herbs you have its a fantastic way of dealing with anything that is destined for the bin.

Slow Cooker Sausage & Bean Hot Pot (Storecupboard Version)

As you know i absolutely love store cupboard recipes and for me there is nothing wrong with using tins or packets as long as they fit in with your diet plans. Also most store cupboard recipes also come with a winning price tag and make them a fantastic budget friendly family meal.

This one is perfect for using up vegetables from the fridge tins in the cupboards as it really adapts well to suit what you have, i used chickpeas but you could easily use butter beans, borlotti beans, taco beans anything you have will work!

My top tip is once the hot pot is cooked cut the sausages into 3 so they distribute even throughout the dish, this way the kids wont pull all the sausages out and leave you with a bean and tomato meal!!

Same recipe but instead if adding potatoes I stirred through cooked pasta and added cheese

Storecupboard Sweet & Sour Chicken

I love storecupboard recipes and to be honest i dont think there is anything wrong in using these kinds of ingredients as long as they are low in calories and sensible with sugar and salt amounts.

In this one i used the ASDA sweet & sour sachet which i think was approx 33p and to be honest was really nice and i will definitely be making it again – a fantastic way to get a meal onto the table in 10mins or less.

There really isnt a recipe for this one its just a case of adding anything you have but its also a fab way of using up any vegetables in the fridge that are looking past their best.

video showing what i used

Singapore Curry (AMOY)

If you want a quick easy meal go no further not only is this super quick but it is super tasty! You can use any meat you like i decided to use pork and it was delicious.

I served mine with stir fry and noodles but you could easily serve with rice. This would also make a fantastic weekend fakeaway and is a brilliant Storecupboard recipe i will definitely be keeping a sachet of this in our cupboards.

Cheats Mac Cheese

A perfect storecupboard meal when all you want is mac cheese, i love the stuff but unfortunately Graeme doesn’t i mean who doesn’t like cheese!!

So for me this was the perfect solution as it makes up 1 portion or 2 if you bulk it out

Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole (Colman’s)

When you are pushed for time this is a fantastic meal which will take you 2 mins to prep and if like me you are going to pop it all in the slow cooker you can then walk away and get on with your day.

I used a sachet mix today its not designed to be used in the slow cooker but it works perfectly well so dont be afraid to use it.

You can serve this many different ways in the below videos you will see i have served using sliced potates making a kind of hotpot dish or i have topped it mashed potato which also worked really well, a very versatile dish that you can adapt to suit your family.

Topped with sliced potatoes
Topped with mashed potato

The Vegetable chopper i used can be found here

Below is the full step by step video of how i cooked the meal and the serving options available the potatoes i used were from Cheshire farm their website is

In this version I followed the recipe from above
then topped it with light puff pastry
the dish I use holds 3 portions and takes approx 100g of pastry

Cheats Beef Pie (Ready In 10 – 15 Mins)

The start of a new feature for my website “Storecupboard Recipes” this is something i know im going to love as it will be utilising all those tins and packets stored away that we never use (well i know i dont lol)

Christmas is nearly here and we are all super busy and all trying to stay on the diet plan of choice so im hoping these short cut cooking hacks will help get a fab family meal onto the table in record time. For the pastry you can use any shape or size which if following a diet plan will reduce calories, syns or points.

I have created this pie using beef brisket in Gravy which can be found in the chilled Isle in Tesco and I have also used a tin of Tesco lean stewed steak in Gravy.

This pie is 3 portions I used a tin of Tesco Lean Stewed Steak Pastry weight for this pie dish is approx 100g I used Tesco Light Puff Pastry.