My Book

After many years of wanting to write a recipe book we are finally here, i have done it!

So Happy To Have Achieved This

I have self published via Amazon in Kindle Format and Paperback Format. Whilst the Kindle version was nearly painless to publish it was a different story with the paperback.

The paperback needs colour printing because of the photographs within the book and that’s where i hit a problem. Amazon individually print every book ordered and the print cost are horrendous. Below is a screenshot of the sale from each book i will achieve £2.50 for each sale.

At the moment i really just want whomever buys the book to enjoy it so that £2.50 isn’t hurting me as much as it should and lets remember this is my first ever book.

The paperback version has more content, more pages more about me and different serving suggestions for the recipes included.

Below are the links to buy the book in whichever format you would like it in.

KINDLE – Press here

PAPERBACK – Press here

PDF – email me directly at