Love a beef curry but making one can but a bit of a ballache at times. In this recipe I have cheated to the max 🙈 but don’t let that put you off because this recipe is still super tasty but super easy.

I used Pataks curry paste to create the base of the curry let’s face it grinding up spices during the week isn’t going to happen, this cheat works really well.

In the video I have done all the added bits that create the layers of flavour, softening down the onions and browning off the beef. However I’ve also made this curry without doing any of these things and ok there is a taste difference but it’s not a deal breaker.

If you are on a tight time schedule and don’t have time to faff around just leave these extra steps out, remember this is your meal for you and your family so do whatever is best for you to get food on the table. I’m pretty sure no one died because these steps were missed out.

Slow Cooker Easy Chicken Curry (Schwartz)

This has got to be the easiest curry you will every make and it will not disappoint in taste and it can be prepped in 3 mins – if you dont want to soften down the onions.  

Add whatever veg you like any frozen veg add towards the end of cooking say last 15 mins i usually add a tin of chickpeas but forgot on this batch!

Batch cooks well and freezes well and makes 4 or even 5 big portions depending on what you use to bulk it out and serve it with 



Spicentice Chinese Chicken

I love a good curry and this is a good curry and i also love Spicentice and make no bones about how good i think their products are. This curry is designed to be cooked on the hob but i have also cooked this in the slow cooker. So here you will find the method for both ways, all i know is next time i cook it I’m making up 4 portions and freezing two as its such a fantastic fakeway.

The recipe calls for flour to thicken the sauce but i used XANTHAN GUM which you can find in most supermarkets you only need a small amount, don’t be fooled and start adding more – let the sauce reduce after you have added it and if you feel you need more add only tiny amounts.

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I followed the ingredients and instructions on the card the only thing i did different was add the ginger and garlic into the stock it actually made no difference to the end taste and i didn’t use flour to thicken the curry.


Lots of top tips in this video so keep you ears open – this method worked really well and if you are busy its a perfect solution.

Lamb Bhuna by the Twisted Curry Company

I was sent some sample packs by The Twisted Curry Company to try so decided to make the Bhuna one which is one of Graeme’s favourites.  These kits are designed to be cooked on the hob but me being me decided to cook mine in the slow cooker!! and to be honest it was such an easy dish to cook it worked perfectly.

There is a review of the Bhuna at the end of the video

This will batch cook well and freeze well.

Slow Cooker Lamb Rogan Josh

I love a good curry and this is a good curry plus its super simple and if your looking for something tasty through the week this is it! Its not too spicy but if you want to add more spice feel free!

You can use Lamb or Chicken the choice is yours (you dont need to brown the chicken) Use Greek Yogurt or Natural Yogurt to stir in before serving – use as much or as little to get the desired taste, but before adding it let the curry cool slightly or you run the risk of it splitting.

Slow Cooker beef curry (not tomato based)

Im back after a lovely Christmas and New Year but its time to start cooking again and getting back on the healthy eating wagon!

Graeme made up this curry for me as i wanted something that wasn’t a tomato based sauce so he came up with this beauty! got to give it to him its a cracker was really delish! You can use either lamb or beef in this one either would work well and what i love about it is that it is super easy and you all know how i don’t do fussy so this is right up my street!

I have included a top tip slide in this video something i may carry forward will what reaction it gets

If following slimming world this one is completely syn free and will also freeze well for batch cooking

Slow Cooker Chicken Biryani

Ok not strictly a Biryani (as i was told by my OH) but hey its midweek and if he thinks im cracking out the spices ha! no way! so here is a little cheat that makes a fab mid week curry in a hurry.  I used Schwartz biryani mix which if your following slimming world is 4.5 syns but serves 4 so not bad at all – the difference is that i cooked the curry part and rice separately – hence its not a biryani comment but honestly it tasted just as good!

Use any rice you like and stir it in before serving or leave it to the side the choice is yours and again add any veggies you like i added mushrooms but in the rice i served it with were onions more mushrooms peas and coriander

This will also freeze well if you want to batch cook it

Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

Yep another curry from me as you can guess i do love a good curry and this was a good curry and so simple to do which makes it even more appealing for me! If you dont want to soften down the onions the choice is yours this literally then becomes a chop and chuck it in job.  As with all curries watch the spice heat level i love chilli but even i was a bit heavy handed with the lazy chilli when i first made this curry. So add to your taste if you dont like it over spicy just add small amount cook the curry and at the end taste the sauce if you can handle more add more.

as my “other half” says ……….you can always add but you cant take away hmmmmm funny how i didnt remember that one when i made it haha! but i love hot spicy food so no problem for me

In the videos below you will see how to make 2 portions and 4 portions, personally for me its easier to make 4 portions and freeze any leftovers. The curry for 2 portions is all the ingredients shown below but halved however the tinned tomatoes are 200ml for 2 portions.

Mayflower curry in the slow cooker

This was perfect really worked well and personally i think it tasted better out of the slow cooker than when done in the pan! I use chicken thigh but you can use breast just leave it whole until the meal is cooked then you can dice it or shred it.

The Key is to mix the powder with boiling hot water to a dripping consistency not too watery but not too thick it needs to drip off the spoon – you can always add more water if needed.

I would also suggest you cook your first one when your around the house if possible because all slow cookers work differently and its hard for me to give you exact times measurements etc but if you follow the video you can always “tweak” it to suit your slow cooker

In the recipe i have said use 200ml of hot water but lately i have noticed buying new boxes sometimes i need to add more hot water, so start with 200ml then if you need more add small amounts slowly.

Slow Cooker Red Thai Curry (spicentice)

Wow this was amazing as you know im a huge fan of Spicentice kits and this delivered flavour in bucket loads – you can do this on the hob which is where its supposed to be cooked but hey you know me into the slow cooker it goes!  You will see i used coconut flavoured milk and coconut flavouring to keep the dish syn free if your following slimming world, if you not then add coconut milk as it states on the shopping list

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Slow Cooker Chicken Balti

Midweek curry in a hurry………….ooooo yes! well this is super easy and you can really just chuck it all in and leave it – providing you dont sweat down the onions and again with all my recipes the choice is yours, its just i have a fussy onion person in the house! I followed the packed ingredients but i bulked it out with frozen spinach, frozen butternut squash and some mushrooms again you can leave these out but they really did add to the flavour

If your following slimming world the packet is 6 syns but serves 4 so not too bad and it really does make a yummy curry

Top Tip – leave the chicken breast whole as it stops the chicken drying out you can always cut it into pieces after its cooked

Lamb Curry (Pataks)

This makes a fab very easy weekend curry i have also made it using beef and it is equally as good this curry is very similar to a rogan josh in taste.

A very easy simple curry but dont let that fool you its packed with flavour it also batch cooks and freezes well i have made this many times now and it turns out perfect every time.

You will see i use frozen spinach purely because during the winter months spinach tends to not get used in our house so buying frozen stops any food waste. Both fresh and frozen work well in this recipe and both are added towards the end of cooking.

Chicken Tikka Masala (Spicentice)

This is fab way of creating a very low syn Masala the spice pack from Spicentice is syn free and you can you fat free yogurt instead of cream or light cream personally i would used light cream. On the pack it doesn’t mention blending the sauce smooth but i think it worked better this way as the onions and cream blended make a beautiful thick sauce for the chicken tikka.  We cooked the chicken tikka on the BBQ but it can also be cooked under the grill.

Full cooking instructions are on the spice pack together with a shopping list of ingredients very easy to follow even for the most nervous of cooks

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Slow Cooker Lamb Madras (Spicentice)

Slow Cooker Lamb Madras – using Spicentice spice kit this is such an easy way to create a fab curry, these kits are supposed to be cooked on the hob but i have used them several times in the slow cooker and each time the results have been fantastic! Each kit is supplied with a shopping list and a step by step instruction guide which makes it easier for even the most nervous of cooks.  I have put together a little slide show of how i created and adapted the kit to go into the slow cooker

This is all syn free im going to serve it with Bombay potatoes but serve with whatever you fancy.

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