Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

Yep another curry from me as you can guess i do love a good curry and this was a good curry and so simple to do which makes it even more appealing for me! If you dont want to soften down the onions the choice is yours this literally then becomes a chop and chuck it in job.  As with all curries watch the spice heat level i love chilli but even i was a bit heavy handed with the lazy chilli when i first made this curry. So add to your taste if you dont like it over spicy just add small amount cook the curry and at the end taste the sauce if you can handle more add more.

as my “other half” says ……….you can always add but you cant take away hmmmmm funny how i didnt remember that one when i made it haha! but i love hot spicy food so no problem for me

In the videos below you will see how to make 2 portions and 4 portions, personally for me its easier to make 4 portions and freeze any leftovers. The curry for 2 portions is all the ingredients shown below but halved however the tinned tomatoes are 200ml for 2 portions.

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