Chilli Cheesy Nacho Feast

This is a recipe i use lots mainly because its so easy and you can have it on the table in the time it takes the chips to cook.

We always have a portion of Chilli in our freezer (you could use spag bol for this also) which really speeds up the cooking process and works perfectly in this recipe.

For my chilli recipe press here

How i cook my chips and wedges press here

When i make this recipe the key is to cook the chips / wedges approx 90% through because you need to put them back into the oven or under the grill for 5-10 mins for the cheese to melt and you don’t want burned chips, that little bit of time it takes the cheese to melt will finish off the cooking of the chips.

Slow Cooker Ham Broth

This a new take on an old recipe my mum used to make which my brother and I called “gruel” OK it wasn’t awful or anything like that but when you are little all you really want to eat is sausage egg and chips 🤣🤣

I remember my mum cooking this in our pressure cooker, that gadget used to put the fear of god into me wondering if the house was going to blowing up – that tiny little weight thing on top of the lid rattling for dear life.

Pressure cookers like everything else in life have come a long way thankfully and so has this recipe or my take on it.

Let’s talk broth mix, when you are using a slow cooker you really don’t need to presoak the broth mix if you leave it long enough it will cook perfectly. However that’s where the problem lies you could end up with crunchy lentils if it’s not cooked for the correct period of time, so I have suggested you presoaking them.

I used leftover Gammon / Ham in my recipe but you can really use anything leftover lamb, bacon chicken but if the meat is cooked add it the last hour of cooking.

If you are confident in using your slow cooker this is a perfect recipe for overnight cooking providing the smell of cooking wafting through the house doesn’t wake you up.

Slow Cooker Marmalade & Black Pepper Gammon

I wanted to create a budget family friendly meal especially for Sunday Dinner and I can say with full confidence I definitely nailed it.

The gammon was perfect I used 1kg unsmoked Gammon which we got from the Co-op costing £3.50 this joint will feed a family of four or more depending on what you served with it.

One recurring comment with Gammon is “mine falls apart and does not slice” this is because the gammon is overcook, there is nothing wrong with that shredded Gammon is gorgeous.

If you want your Gammon to slice you need a digital meat thermometer and once the internal cooked temperature is reached remove it from the slow cooker.

The digital meat thermometer I use is on my Amazon Shop press here

Slow Cooker Bread

I used to love making this with the kids when they were little, but haven’t made it for years. Tesco decided to substitute my flour order when Covid first hit and gave us a 3.5 kg bag of bread mix 🙈

That is a lot of bread mix but we were determined to use it! What slowed the process is me and my neck injury I can’t knead dough so I needed Graeme and booking his free time is like catch gold dust.

As you will see we got there and I actually found out my food processor has a dough hook so I can now do it all myself.

This recipe is for using a packet of bread mix but you can use any bread recipe you like. 500g of flour is what my recipe is based around this is because its the maximum for my 3.5 ltr slow cooker.

If you watch the video carefully you will see how big the dough ball is before it’s cooked and how big it is after its cooked, it needs room to rise and prove.

Adding water to the mix I used it said use 370ml of water BUT I have learned over the years that flours are different and they don’t all absorb liquid at the same rate. I started my dough mixture by adding approx 300ml of water.

Then add small amounts once the dough starts to come together and you have incorporated all the flour into a sticky mixture and it comes away cleanly from the sides of the blow it’s ready.

I would say for the bread mix Im working with in the video I used 350ml water in total.

You can leave the bread plain or add any flavours you like… cheese is gorgeous, but doesn’t make great jam on toast 😉

I cooked on high for 2hrs but all slow cookers don’t work the same so. I would suggest you cook your first loaf whist you’re in the house. It’s cooked when you tap the bottom and it sounds hollow same as cooking bread in the oven.

The big question you are all going to ask is calories or syns this is impossible to answer as it’s going to depend on the bread mix you use and how many slices you cut it into.

Below are some types of bread mixes you will find in most susupermarkets these images are from Tesco.

Kneading using a food processor in video below


Love a beef curry but making one can but a bit of a ballache at times. In this recipe I have cheated to the max 🙈 but don’t let that put you off because this recipe is still super tasty but super easy.

I used Pataks curry paste to create the base of the curry let’s face it grinding up spices during the week isn’t going to happen, this cheat works really well.

In the video I have done all the added bits that create the layers of flavour, softening down the onions and browning off the beef. However I’ve also made this curry without doing any of these things and ok there is a taste difference but it’s not a deal breaker.

If you are on a tight time schedule and don’t have time to faff around just leave these extra steps out, remember this is your meal for you and your family so do whatever is best for you to get food on the table. I’m pretty sure no one died because these steps were missed out.

Chicken Stock From Carcass

How many chicken carcasses have you thrown in the bin?? if you’re anything like me probably a fair few. We are lucky as we have a family of foxes who visit so I give mine to them so nothing goes to waste.

However I thought it was about time I started using the carcass to make stock it’s such an easy process especially if using a slow cooker. Pop it in walk way let the slow cooker do all the hard work for you.

In the video you will see i used a fat separator, now I have used every method known to man to do this and to be honest they are all a ballache. Why have I not had one of these gadgets before now?? I have no idea, it takes all the hard work out of the equation and does a perfect job of removing the fat.

The separator I use is on my Amazon Shop press here look under kitchen gadgets.

From my batch I made 1ltr of ready to use stock, my top tip is to taste the stock once all fat is removed and check for any adjustments you may need to make. If the stock is strong in taste you may need to add more water to dilute it further also check season you may need a touch of salt & pepper.

Slow Cooker Char Sui Pulled Pork

Born out of pure laziness 🙈 but these sometimes are the best creations and i can promise this was so good and im definitely making it again real soon.

I used a Spicentice spice kit which is designed to make Char Sui Spare Ribs, but i didn’t have any so decided to use a pork joint i used leg with all fat removed, this recipe really shows how versatile these kits are. Buy your kits from Spicentice press here use discount code JULES20 for 20% off any order (AFFILIATE)

The recipe below is for 2 portions as this was basically a test batch for 4 portions i wouldn’t double up the quantities just add 1 more portion of the liquids – so where it says 2 tablespoons add 3 etc.

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Meatball Subs

This wasn’t supposed to be on my meal plan this week but when you wake up feeling not too good my advice is go for the easiest option if you have to cook- so meatball subs it is!

As you will see i have used sausages to make the meatballs with, this is purely down to the fact i did the food shopping on Wednesday the week before and meatball subs weren’t even on my radar. However, i have to admit they worked beautifully and when i make this again i will probably use the Richmond sausages you see in the video.

This recipe makes 4 portions and because there is just 2 of us i still have 2 portions left in the fridge patiently waiting for my second meal which will be spaghetti and meatballs – now don’t you just love the fact you have taken 10 minutes out to create meals for 2 days in the week! i know i do – this will also freeze well.

There is a meat version of slow cooker meatballs already on my website press here for the written recipe and how to video

Chicken Sharing Platter

As you know I’m huge fan of making these because they are minimal effort but always look fab and are a great way of cooking in the hotter months.

This is basically my Slow cooker chicken to roast chicken served with bread buns stuffing amd roast potatoes… so a kind of deconstructed Sunday Dinner. Serve woth anything you and your family like it all works with these kind of meals.

Leftover Beef

I always buy a bigger beef joint than we actually need for a Sunday Dinner so that we have leftovers, which means i can either use it or freeze.

This will be a “rolling” blog of how i use up beef and will keep adding to it as time goes by.

How i cook my beef can be found here

Beef Sharing Board with homemade flatbread
Spice i have used is from use discount code JULES20 for 20% off any order (AFFILIATE)

Slow Cooker Sausage & Bean Hot Pot (Storecupboard Version)

As you know i absolutely love store cupboard recipes and for me there is nothing wrong with using tins or packets as long as they fit in with your diet plans. Also most store cupboard recipes also come with a winning price tag and make them a fantastic budget friendly family meal.

This one is perfect for using up vegetables from the fridge tins in the cupboards as it really adapts well to suit what you have, i used chickpeas but you could easily use butter beans, borlotti beans, taco beans anything you have will work!

My top tip is once the hot pot is cooked cut the sausages into 3 so they distribute even throughout the dish, this way the kids wont pull all the sausages out and leave you with a bean and tomato meal!!

Same recipe but instead if adding potatoes I stirred through cooked pasta and added cheese

Sausage & Beans (Spicentice)

Another fantastic kit from Spicentice this is the perfect “one pot” meal and is designed to be cooked on the hob but as always with me i popped it in the slow cooker and it worked perfectly!

These kits are so adaptable and i always adapt the recipe to suit, in this recipe i swapped butter beans to pinto beans as i didn’t have butter beans, i swapped English mustard to wholegrain mustard as im not a huge fan of English mustard. So did these swaps work??? absolutely.

Each kit comes with the ingredients list and cooking instructions so you can just follow that and cook the meal as its intended – but i also think its really important to show you just how adaptable these kits are.

Purchase your kits from use discount code JULES 20 for 20% off any order this is my affiliate code with Spicentice.

Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole (Colman’s)

When you are pushed for time this is a fantastic meal which will take you 2 mins to prep and if like me you are going to pop it all in the slow cooker you can then walk away and get on with your day.

I used a sachet mix today its not designed to be used in the slow cooker but it works perfectly well so dont be afraid to use it.

You can serve this many different ways in the below videos you will see i have served using sliced potates making a kind of hotpot dish or i have topped it mashed potato which also worked really well, a very versatile dish that you can adapt to suit your family.

Topped with sliced potatoes
Topped with mashed potato

The Vegetable chopper i used can be found here

Below is the full step by step video of how i cooked the meal and the serving options available the potatoes i used were from Cheshire farm their website is

In this version I followed the recipe from above
then topped it with light puff pastry
the dish I use holds 3 portions and takes approx 100g of pastry

Winter Chicken & Vegetable Soup

I love soup but during the winter months but it doesn’t always fill me up so i decided to create a range of “Fuller For Longer” recipes which will have all the elements to give a lovely filling soup.

This is my first one in this range and i only made 2 portions as a test but it was so good i will be cooking more over the weekend, you will see i have cooked mine in the slow cooker – thats just because im lazy like that lol but you can cook it on the hob if you wish.

You will see i have 2 versions of this soup first one is cooked on the hob the second cooked in the slow cooker both work well for me next time i cook this soup i will be popping it all in the slow cooker.


At the beginning of the week i cooked a chicken in the slow cooker and stripped all the meat from the carcass to make 3 different meals during the week – i decided to give this soup a “revamp”  but this time cook it on the hob.  This is a perfect autumn / winter soup its thick creamy texture is filling and satisfying  and its perfect for batch cooking and freezing.

Vegetable chopper i use can be found on my Amazon Shop here is the link


Vegetarian Sausage & Bean Casserole Slow Cooker

This is the first recipe I’ve created for a vegetarian meal and i have to say it was absolutely delicious. Moving forward im hoping to cook a meat free meal every Monday without always using meat substitutes such as quorn i want to be able to use all the other fantastic ingredients that i love such as beans and pulses.

With this recipe you can add your favourite sausages but if they are meat based then you need to add them at the beginning of the cooking, the one thing i noticed with vegetarian sausages if that they dont have the “firmness” of a meat based sausage. However the vegetarian sausages i used in the recipe were really good and i would definitely buy them again.

NOTE Once cooked taste the sauce if its too “tomatoey” sorry bad word but you get what i mean then add a couple of splashes of Worcester Sauce or the Vegetarian equivalent you could even add a dash of brown sauce basically you need to add some sugar / sweetness to calm the acidity of the tomatoes down.

Slow Cooker Loaded Potatoes

I will admit these are 1) gorgeous 2) highly addictive lol 🙈

This is the 3rd or 4th time i have made these now and they are perfect for a weekend and i think the kids will love them.

You will see in the video I used my small slow cooker but the recipe is for a slow cooker of 3.5ltr which will make 4 potions

I used baking potatoes in this batch and they worked perfectly I have also used salad / new potatoes which whilst they work because they are small they allow the filling to drop between the gaps during cooking.

Feel free to add any other flavours to this garlic and a dash of Paprika would work lovely in this recipe.

Slow Cooker Fajitas

I have tried and tested this recipe several times now and it works perfectly more importantly no water logged fajitas!! For the chicken stick to thigh or breast and if using breast leave it whole until its cooked it will stop it drying out.

Use whichever fajita seasoning you like and add any vegetables you like the key is not to add any liquid and cook on low, i think this setting is best to ensure the onions are cooked or you can run the risk of having crunchy onions.

I know you can easily cook fajitas in a pan on the hob but this recipe really comes from  when the kids were little they loved fajitas on a Saturday night but after a long day out coming home then having to start cooking just seemed like such a chore plus they were always starving

In the video below are the ways you can reduce the sauce if you want but remember probably the easiest way is to add the contents to a large frying pan on the hob, heat on high and reduce it that way. The methods in the video do work the lid off method took approx 20 mins to get to the consistency shown.

You can serve these in any way you wish with wraps or make a fajita pasta bake or use stand and stuff boats as i have in the below picture.

Slow Cooker Sausage & Gnocchi Casserole

Another fantastic 5 min prep meal that can be made into so many different dishes.

I have wanted to create a basic sausage casserole recipe for ages that can be served with anything you fancy but also one that is not tinned tomato based as i know lots of people are not overly keen on this kind of sauce including me at times.

In this recipe you can add anything you like any vegetable any beans use any sausages it really is a forgiving base to add too, and for me a fantastic family meal.

Slow Cooker Doner Kebab

Another one ticked off my “to cook list” in my head this has always just felt like cooking a giant beefburger which has always put me off making it, because in my eyes a kebab is chicken or lamb.

However, i had minced beef that needed using up and needed a quick recipe so decided to bite the bullet and make a Doner Kebab but as always taking the easy route and popping it in the slow cooker.

This recipe is so easy and will make a fantastic family weekend meal for me what made it even easier is is that it can sit in the fridge once made and still be perfectly fine – i made mine on Friday and didn’t get around to eating it until Monday.

Easiest way to reheat the doner meat is to slice it and then heat on low in a frying pan – i used a grill pan but use whatever is easy for you.

Slow Cooker Creamy Heinz Chicken Chicken

Not exactly sure if this is pure genius or pure laziness but who cares lol its an absolutely fantastic easy recipe and one that is really adaptable. 

Add in any vegetables you like and any herbs you like just remember to calculate anything that carries a value on the plan you are following.

My only top tips with this is cook on low and if you are going to used diced chicken you may need to reduce the cooking time.