There are so many different recipes for Butternut Squash soups and I have made many in the past but never documented them.

I wanted to try something different with this recipe and make it creamy and not so sweet, Butternut Squash can be really sweet and to be honest sometimes it puts me off eating it.

In this recipe i have used chilli which can pack a punch so if you aren’t too keen on spicy foods either add half a teaspoon or leave it out. I’ve also suggested adding curry powder as an alternative which i have used in the past and it works well with Butternut squash.

Use any Cream cheese or yogurt you like to create the creamy texture, always taste and adjust to your tastebuds.

Leek & Potato Soup

First time i have made this soup i have no idea why i haven’t made it before all i will say is i will definitely be making it again it was delicious and very filling.

There is one top tip i will share with you and that is the potatoes you use will decide how thick the soup will be mine were very starchy so produced a really thick stock before i had even started to blend it. Don’t worry if during the cooking it looks too thick you can always add more water after blending for me this is much better than having it too watery.

This batch made 4 big bowls of soup so perfect for batch cooking and freezing.

Winter White Bean Soup

Another fantastic easy recipe for a filling Winter Soup and this one again will keep you fuller for longer. Its a really simple recipe and very easy to make, i made up a test batch so this serves 2 but you can easily double it up for batch cooking, it will also freeze well.

Winter Chicken & Vegetable Soup

I love soup but during the winter months but it doesn’t always fill me up so i decided to create a range of “Fuller For Longer” recipes which will have all the elements to give a lovely filling soup.

This is my first one in this range and i only made 2 portions as a test but it was so good i will be cooking more over the weekend, you will see i have cooked mine in the slow cooker – thats just because im lazy like that lol but you can cook it on the hob if you wish.

You will see i have 2 versions of this soup first one is cooked on the hob the second cooked in the slow cooker both work well for me next time i cook this soup i will be popping it all in the slow cooker.


At the beginning of the week i cooked a chicken in the slow cooker and stripped all the meat from the carcass to make 3 different meals during the week – i decided to give this soup a “revamp”  but this time cook it on the hob.  This is a perfect autumn / winter soup its thick creamy texture is filling and satisfying  and its perfect for batch cooking and freezing.

Vegetable chopper i use can be found on my Amazon Shop here is the link


Cream Cheese & Broccoli Soup

Once again we are approaching that time of year when we need warm healthy filling food especially at lunchtime. I love soup but im sure im not the only only who can get stuck in a rut making the same soups over and over again, so i always try to create new soup recipes to stop the boredom setting in.

This soup is so easy to make but really tasty plus how healthy is broccoli??? totally winning on the health front lol. The recipe makes 2 portions but next time i make it i will definitely be doubling up the ingredients to make sure there is always portions in my freezer.

Celeriac & Carrot Soup

I have completely fallen in love with celeriac and lets face it its super healthy and makes a great alternative to potatoes it mashes roasts and makes a tasty soup!

Treat celeriac as you would a turnip or swede and any lumpy bits you dont like then chop them off

If following slimming world this soup is syn free and SP friendly also batch cooks and freezes well

Butternut Squash Soup

Another fantastic soup for the colder weather and so easy to make as you will see from the video i roasted my vegetables in this recipe but you can just chop the veggies and pop them in a pan or chop and chuck everything into the slow cooker.

I left the skin on my BNS but you can take if off if you like the choice as always is yours.  

Pumpkin Soup

What a fantastic winter soup i absolutely loved this one and it was so easy to make – you will see i decided to roast my vegetables in the oven but you can make this in a soup maker, the slow cooker or in a pan on the hob the choice is yours.

A perfect soup for batch cooking and freezing.

Slow Cooker Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Yep i can hear the groans from here but trust me you are going to love this soup …promise 😀 I made this in the slow cooker because lets face it by now you know im lazy like that and if i can use my slow cooker to make food i will, but you can easily do this in a pan or a soup maker.

Its such an easy recipe but it works well and will definitely be going back on my lunch menu very soon it was a big thumbs up from me. 

Carrot & Coriander Soup

Now who doesn’t love a good soup i know we do and i have wanted to make this one for ages! Its a really simple soup that requires basically no explanation other than how much coriander you need to use??? well that is up to you.

My top tip if your not sure about how much coriander you need is to add a small amount during the cooking process use the stalks as these usually get chucked in the bin, then once the soup is cooked and blended you can always add more to get the taste you like. 

I have made this soup many times and and if you watch the older youtube video you will see i used a tin of butter beans yet in the newer video i have used a potato – you can use either all these do is thicken the soup up and add more filling power, both work equally well.

This will batch cook well and freeze well. 

Homemade Tomato Soup

I love tomato soup but i dont like the amount of sugar and salt in some of the tinned versions so last year i made my own the only problem was i didn’t write the recipe down! So as we are now in the winter months its time to revisit the recipe – the key with this soup is to use the ripest tomatoes you can find this will take away that “tart” taste you can get in some tomato soups. 

There will always be an element of taste adjustment at the end of this because its going to depend on what tomatoes you use and you may need to add more flavour – more basil or balsamic vinegar i would suggest you let the soup cool slightly before tasting as when hot i dont think you can judge it properly.

Slow Cooker Bacon Broth

This is a take on a childhood meal that my mum used to make but ive updated it slightly and of course in true Jules style simplified it – this makes about 4 big bowls and its really filling and again add whatever veggies you like! You will see i added turnip i know this seems weird but the sweetness from the turnip/swede really works well against the salty bacon.

On slimming world this is syn free when you remove all fat from lardons or bacon whichever you use the consistency can be quite thick and if your not keen on this add more water towards the end of cooking lentils do soak up lots of water.  This dish will also freeze well

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

This has got to be one of the easiest soups I have ever made, I made this when I was struggling to manage my pain flare ups basically just to get food on the table.

It’s another recipe that you can add any vegetables you like and especially those that need using up.

This makes 4 big bowls but will freeze well if you want to batch cook it, this is part of my “Fuller For Longer” soup recipes as it contains proteins and carbohydrates which will help with that midday snack attack.

Slow Cooker Pea and Ham Soup

Another soup from me yep i do love my soups especially in the winter and especially when they are easy to make as this one! This i guess is an old fashion way of making pea and ham soup using Chana Dal which is split yellow peas as you will see i added carrots and onions which add speed veggies to the soup but they really do work well and no one will ever guess they are in there trust me this soup has past my Dads test

When cooking lentils they soak up a lot of water so ive suggested about 1″ of water above the slow cooker contents but you may need more depending on how quickly your slow cooker works you may need to add more water as the cooking goes through.

Once the soup is cooked blend to the texture you want, have it totally smooth or leave it slightly chunky, if the mixture is too thick again just add a little water as lentils will keep soaking up water even after they are cooked. Add cooked ham and there you have it an easy pea and ham soup which batch cooks well and freezes well

This soup makes about 3 big bowls and is syn free if following slimming world


Today i decided to revisit and old favourite and this soup is definitely that it was always a childhood favourite and my mum used to make something similar but instead of gammon use bacon bones. I changed the recipe slightly today basically to use what i had plus i wanted to make sure i had enough soup leftover for the freezer to use another day, so here is how i did it.

I didn’t have any shallots so used a leek, you will see i used a mug full of Chana dal – just to make it easier to measure out, the original recipe i used a ramekin as the measure.
Slice the leeks and dice the carrots i used my Brieftons food chopper which is linked on my Amazon Shop
Best kitchen gadget ever especially when making lots of soups and stews
Add everything into the slow cooker then add water to cover the contents by approx 1″ you may need to add more water but let it cook first. Set the slow cooker on low for 7 hours ish

Top Tips – If you have not made pea and ham soup this way i would suggest you make it whilst you are at home the Chana Dal will absorb the water and you may need to add more depending on how hot your slow cooker works. You also need to ensure the Dal is cooked you want it soft and to be able to squash between your fingers.

Tomato Soup

This really is just a throw in the pan heat and blend job its supposed to taste like Heinz soup the jury is still out on that one, however it still makes a great soup and if your following slimming world its syn free! I decided to add some basil as i had some that needed using up but you could add some spices say chill, paprika the choice is yours

Couple of top tips…….chop the pickled onions before you add them as they can be hard to blend and you dont want anyone finding a whole on in their bowl lol and start with 2 or 3 as some can be really strong in taste then add more if needed

It really is a case of heat everything through and blend smooth and adjust the seasoning to your liking

Chicken & Cream Sweetcorn Soup OR Chicken Noodle Soup

I love this soup mainly because its so simple to do – i added leeks and carrots to add more speed veggies but if your not following slimming world then you dont need to bother however i will say these two veggies add bags of flavour to the soup and really do work well.

You will see i used cooked chicken but if you only have raw chicken not a problem – add the chicken to the stock with the carrots and leeks and cook (poach) until its cooked then shred it into the soup you will know its cooked when it pulls apart easily with a fork

For vegetarian option leave out the chicken and add noodles, quorn or lentils the choice is yours

I get lots of comments regarding this recipe its a really popular one, if you have trouble getting the creamed sweetcorn the easiest way to get around this is use a normal tin of sweetcorn and blend it semi smooth this will give the same result. Moving forward this is what i will do as a tin of creamed sweetcorn can be expensive compared to a normal tin of corn.

The other variation I have made of this soup is Chicken Noodle Soup basically the same recipe as below but add 1 nest of noodles at the beginning of cooking it really helps witj that fuller for longer feeling.

This version is with noodles i used 1 nest of dry noodles to the below recipe.
Version with no noddles but instead of dicing all of the carrots in this batch i used a peeler to get long strips it just breaks the soup appearance and texture up but it makes zero difference to the taste.

Slow Cooker Chicken Broth

I hope you will love this recipe as much as i do for me its the ease of it all as there is little prep plus you can add whatever you want any bits and pieces you have lurking in the fridge frozen veggies will also work well in this dish! This will also work with prawns and fish just cook the stock mushrooms lemongrass and chilli first as you need to infuse the stock with that hot spicy flavouring then add the fish/prawns last 5-10mins with the noodles.  You will see i didn’t add the noodles straight into the slow cooker ok you can do this the choice is your i have never been successful in adding pasta into the slow cooker as it always goes stodgy and over cooked plus you add all the starch from he noodles/pasta into the dish, you also need to be a slow cooker master to judge how much liquid you need to add as the noodles will absorb loads even once cooked! For me its easier to use angle hair noodles pre soak them (takes 2mins) then add them to the slow cooker this way i can watch the liquid level and add more if needed