Slow Cooker Pea and Ham Soup

Another soup from me yep i do love my soups especially in the winter and especially when they are easy to make as this one! This i guess is an old fashion way of making pea and ham soup using Chana Dal which is split yellow peas as you will see i added carrots and onions which add speed veggies to the soup but they really do work well and no one will ever guess they are in there trust me this soup has past my Dads test

When cooking lentils they soak up a lot of water so ive suggested about 1″ of water above the slow cooker contents but you may need more depending on how quickly your slow cooker works you may need to add more water as the cooking goes through.

Once the soup is cooked blend to the texture you want, have it totally smooth or leave it slightly chunky, if the mixture is too thick again just add a little water as lentils will keep soaking up water even after they are cooked. Add cooked ham and there you have it an easy pea and ham soup which batch cooks well and freezes well

This soup makes about 3 big bowls and is syn free if following slimming world


Today i decided to revisit and old favourite and this soup is definitely that it was always a childhood favourite and my mum used to make something similar but instead of gammon use bacon bones. I changed the recipe slightly today basically to use what i had plus i wanted to make sure i had enough soup leftover for the freezer to use another day, so here is how i did it.

I didn’t have any shallots so used a leek, you will see i used a mug full of Chana dal – just to make it easier to measure out, the original recipe i used a ramekin as the measure.
Slice the leeks and dice the carrots i used my Brieftons food chopper which is linked on my Amazon Shop
Best kitchen gadget ever especially when making lots of soups and stews
Add everything into the slow cooker then add water to cover the contents by approx 1″ you may need to add more water but let it cook first. Set the slow cooker on low for 7 hours ish

Top Tips – If you have not made pea and ham soup this way i would suggest you make it whilst you are at home the Chana Dal will absorb the water and you may need to add more depending on how hot your slow cooker works. You also need to ensure the Dal is cooked you want it soft and to be able to squash between your fingers.

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