Sticky Chilli & Garlic Chicken

I saw a recipe similar to this on a vegan facebook page but the list of ingredients was a mile long and some of them weren’t very “diet” friendly – so i decided to try and make it with less ingredients and less calories.

Well i can definitely say it ticked all the boxes what a fab recipe it turned out to be and so easy to make very quick to cook but so tasty and one i know you will love.

My top tip is to have a little patience to reduce the sauce down and take it down as far as you like my suggestion would be so it covers the chicken and you have a little leftover to pour over when serving.

You can also serve this with rice and vegetables

Pasta Quiche

A fantastic recipe for lunches or to snack on and it keeps really well in the fridge!

Use any flavour of pasta and sauce and as you will see in the video i made it up using water only and to be honest i think it works well.

You dont need to top it with cheese – but as you know i love cheese

This is a fantastic recipe for using up all those bits of vegetables looking really sad in the fridge, also if you have chicken or ham leftover from Sunday dinner add that too.

When I have made this recipe in the past I have used Quark but this time (16th June 2021) I decided to use Greek Yogurt and it worked well or you can use half yogurt half primula cheese this also works.

Slow Cooker Fajitas

I have tried and tested this recipe several times now and it works perfectly more importantly no water logged fajitas!! For the chicken stick to thigh or breast and if using breast leave it whole until its cooked it will stop it drying out.

Use whichever fajita seasoning you like and add any vegetables you like the key is not to add any liquid and cook on low, i think this setting is best to ensure the onions are cooked or you can run the risk of having crunchy onions.

I know you can easily cook fajitas in a pan on the hob but this recipe really comes from  when the kids were little they loved fajitas on a Saturday night but after a long day out coming home then having to start cooking just seemed like such a chore plus they were always starving

In the video below are the ways you can reduce the sauce if you want but remember probably the easiest way is to add the contents to a large frying pan on the hob, heat on high and reduce it that way. The methods in the video do work the lid off method took approx 20 mins to get to the consistency shown.

You can serve these in any way you wish with wraps or make a fajita pasta bake or use stand and stuff boats as i have in the below picture.


Well after nearly 2 years 😂😂 I have finally made the video that you all wanted and hopefully the one that answers all your questions 👌

These are really simple to make and once you get the technique right you will be making them all the time.

You can make these as big or as small as you like it really depends on if you are following a diet plan and if so remember to calculate the flour and baking powder used

I have made these using 30g, 35g and 50g of flour all with 2 Tablespoons of Fat Free Yogurt the trick is only add more yogurt if you are absolutely sure the dough won’t keep pulling away cleanly from the sides of the bowl and the I would only add small amounts at a time. If the dough is too wet you will end up using lots more flour to roll it to stop it sticking to the worktops and rolling pin.

Below is the 1 minute quick video for flatbread which i made in 2017 it has the ingredient list and step by step method, however the live video above goes into the how to in more detail

Slow Cooker Doner Kebab

Another one ticked off my “to cook list” in my head this has always just felt like cooking a giant beefburger which has always put me off making it, because in my eyes a kebab is chicken or lamb.

However, i had minced beef that needed using up and needed a quick recipe so decided to bite the bullet and make a Doner Kebab but as always taking the easy route and popping it in the slow cooker.

This recipe is so easy and will make a fantastic family weekend meal for me what made it even easier is is that it can sit in the fridge once made and still be perfectly fine – i made mine on Friday and didn’t get around to eating it until Monday.

Easiest way to reheat the doner meat is to slice it and then heat on low in a frying pan – i used a grill pan but use whatever is easy for you.

Garlic & Rosemary Saute Potatoes

I love these little potatoes they really do go with anything and you can change the flavour to suit what you and your family enjoy.

Top tip leave them in cold water as long as possible overnight if you want as this will remove some of the starch making it easier to cook them without using loads of 
spray oil.

I have also cooked these in an oven/ halogen especially if I’m short on time as standing stirring pans is one of my pet hates 😂😂🙈 it works exactly the same just fry off the garlic and rosemary in a pan then stir it through the potatoes.

If you make too many dont worry add them to an omelette for lunch.

How To Make Creamy Mash

This seems like a really easy question to answer but if you are following slimming world everyone is looking for the holy grail of how to make it syn free and this is the method i use.

I know i really sounds crazy to add an egg but trust me it works – if you have not tried it yet please do.

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

I have to say if your ever going to try any of my reicpes then this is the one not only is it super simple but boy its super tasty also!

If following slimming world you will need to syn the honey and hoisin – but can vary in value so check the brand you are using. 
There are many ways to thicken the sauce of a slow cooker meal and to be honest its not that often i have had to do this, but since changing over to using chicken thighs im finding im having to make adjustments to the sauce. I think this is down to the fat content within the chicken thighs as it release much more liquid back into the sauce than say chicken breast. Dont let this put you off using thighs as they are cheaper and work well in the slow cooker and in the video below you will see how easy it is to get a lovely rich thick sauce to coat the chicken.

This will batch cook well and freeze well – which is what i will be doing next time i make it.
You can also cook this in a pan on the hob if you wish it will still work just the same.


Celeriac & Carrot Soup

I have completely fallen in love with celeriac and lets face it its super healthy and makes a great alternative to potatoes it mashes roasts and makes a tasty soup!

Treat celeriac as you would a turnip or swede and any lumpy bits you dont like then chop them off

If following slimming world this soup is syn free and SP friendly also batch cooks and freezes well

Butternut Squash Soup

Another fantastic soup for the colder weather and so easy to make as you will see from the video i roasted my vegetables in this recipe but you can just chop the veggies and pop them in a pan or chop and chuck everything into the slow cooker.

I left the skin on my BNS but you can take if off if you like the choice as always is yours.  

Pumpkin Soup

What a fantastic winter soup i absolutely loved this one and it was so easy to make – you will see i decided to roast my vegetables in the oven but you can make this in a soup maker, the slow cooker or in a pan on the hob the choice is yours.

A perfect soup for batch cooking and freezing.

Slow Cooker Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Yep i can hear the groans from here but trust me you are going to love this soup …promise 😀 I made this in the slow cooker because lets face it by now you know im lazy like that and if i can use my slow cooker to make food i will, but you can easily do this in a pan or a soup maker.

Its such an easy recipe but it works well and will definitely be going back on my lunch menu very soon it was a big thumbs up from me. 

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta Bake

This is a perfect food waste recipe as you can literally add anything you like, all those vegetables in the fridge looking past their best – those work well in this recipe. Leftover chicken or ham from Sunday dinner again perfect for this dish is a great all round base to create a dinner using up whatever you have.

Keep a cup of pasta water as its starchy and will help you create the creamy sauce, in the recipe i have used Philadelphia but you can use any cream cheese you like whichever one works best in your diet use that one.

The spice I use is from Spicentice go to use discount code JULES10 FOR 10% off any order AFFILIATE

Slow Cooker Honey Chilli Chicken

Another fantastic easy meal and again would make a brilliant alternative to a weekend takeaway.  

My suggestion with this meal is make it when your in the house the first time and keep your eye on it because there isnt much “sauce” in the slow cooker these kind of dishes can end up cooking very quickly. I have estimated approx 5 hrs on low but it may not take that long or it may take a bit longer its so difficult to say as not all slow cookers work at the same heat mine is a bit of a hottie with dishes like this.

I have given some top tips with the sauce on this one they are in the card below again this is all down to personal preference and taste.

Update Video January 2020

KFC Flamin’ Wrap Fakeaway

Woahooooo wow just wow this was absolutely amazing i loved every mouthful and so did Graeme.  Its another super easy one to make and on nights when you fancy something different and tasty then this is it.  

If your not too keen on heat/spicy foods either reduce the amount of chilli powder or leave it out it will still work it just wont have the zingy hit to it.

The only syns come from the cornflakes so syn according depending on the brand you use.

Cheats Char Siu Pork

Well well well if your looking for a fab weekend chinese meal or a quick cheeky mid week treat then give this one a whirl i promise you will love it …… it takes less than 5 mins to prep always a winner in my books!

If your going to BBQ the chops i would leave the fat on then trim it off once cooked but as always the choice is yours. 

The only syns with this come from the Honey & Hoisin so they will need to be synned accordingly 

Sticky Prawns

This is a fantastic easy recipe and makes a fab weekend or weekday fakeway its so quick and to bring together so when time is against you this is a real “go to”.

The only ingredient that you need to syn is the Honey

Nacho’s (using wrap)

I loved this idea and it really worked well and i will be using it again as it was so easy to do. 

Use any flavours you like and any oil you like. I used Spicentice chipotle rub which was amazing i have used these spices for nearly 2 years now and they just never fail i absolutely love them if you want to give them a try you can use my discount code JULES20 which will get you 20% off your order. 

Go To Spicentice

Slow Cooker Pea and Ham Soup

Another soup from me yep i do love my soups especially in the winter and especially when they are easy to make as this one! This i guess is an old fashion way of making pea and ham soup using Chana Dal which is split yellow peas as you will see i added carrots and onions which add speed veggies to the soup but they really do work well and no one will ever guess they are in there trust me this soup has past my Dads test

When cooking lentils they soak up a lot of water so ive suggested about 1″ of water above the slow cooker contents but you may need more depending on how quickly your slow cooker works you may need to add more water as the cooking goes through.

Once the soup is cooked blend to the texture you want, have it totally smooth or leave it slightly chunky, if the mixture is too thick again just add a little water as lentils will keep soaking up water even after they are cooked. Add cooked ham and there you have it an easy pea and ham soup which batch cooks well and freezes well

This soup makes about 3 big bowls and is syn free if following slimming world


Today i decided to revisit and old favourite and this soup is definitely that it was always a childhood favourite and my mum used to make something similar but instead of gammon use bacon bones. I changed the recipe slightly today basically to use what i had plus i wanted to make sure i had enough soup leftover for the freezer to use another day, so here is how i did it.

I didn’t have any shallots so used a leek, you will see i used a mug full of Chana dal – just to make it easier to measure out, the original recipe i used a ramekin as the measure.
Slice the leeks and dice the carrots i used my Brieftons food chopper which is linked on my Amazon Shop
Best kitchen gadget ever especially when making lots of soups and stews
Add everything into the slow cooker then add water to cover the contents by approx 1″ you may need to add more water but let it cook first. Set the slow cooker on low for 7 hours ish

Top Tips – If you have not made pea and ham soup this way i would suggest you make it whilst you are at home the Chana Dal will absorb the water and you may need to add more depending on how hot your slow cooker works. You also need to ensure the Dal is cooked you want it soft and to be able to squash between your fingers.

Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

Yep another curry from me as you can guess i do love a good curry and this was a good curry and so simple to do which makes it even more appealing for me! If you dont want to soften down the onions the choice is yours this literally then becomes a chop and chuck it in job.  As with all curries watch the spice heat level i love chilli but even i was a bit heavy handed with the lazy chilli when i first made this curry. So add to your taste if you dont like it over spicy just add small amount cook the curry and at the end taste the sauce if you can handle more add more.

as my “other half” says ……….you can always add but you cant take away hmmmmm funny how i didnt remember that one when i made it haha! but i love hot spicy food so no problem for me

In the videos below you will see how to make 2 portions and 4 portions, personally for me its easier to make 4 portions and freeze any leftovers. The curry for 2 portions is all the ingredients shown below but halved however the tinned tomatoes are 200ml for 2 portions.