Slow Cooker Fajitas

I have tried and tested this recipe several times now and it works perfectly more importantly no water logged fajitas!! For the chicken any cut works but you may need to adjust the cooking time especially if you are using diced chicken as that will cook much quicker than say thigh or chicken strips.

Use whichever fajita seasoning you like and add any vegetables you like the key is not to add any liquid and cook on low, i think this setting is best to ensure the onions are cooked or you can run the risk of having crunchy onions.

I know you can easily cook fajitas in a pan on the hob but this recipe really comes from  when the kids were little they loved fajitas on a Saturday night but after a long day out coming home then having to start cooking just seemed like such a chore plus they were always starving

In the video below are the ways you can reduce the sauce if you want but remember probably the easiest way is to add the contents to a large frying pan on the hob, heat on high and reduce it that way. The methods in the video do work the lid off method took approx 20 mins to get to the consistency shown.

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