Toffee Baked Oats

I’m not always a fan of baked oats but every now and again I have the urge to make them. So today’s flavour is toffee which I adore and I’m sure you have seen biscoff used all over social media I decided to try something different.

I used ASKEYS toffee sauce which can be found in most supermarkets it tastes amazing, unlike biscoff it doesn’t have the density to “sit” on top of whatever you drizzle it on for too long but don’t let that put you off! the end result is so good.

Waffles (Sweet)

I love having these for breakfast or as an afternoon sweet treat – they are so easy to make and you can make them in any flavour you like.

When i make these i always batch cook them and freeze ready for a quick breakfast when needed, makes the morning rush just that little bit easier.

Cooked in real time using an electric waffle maker
Video using silicone mould NOTE THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO WHEN 35G OF OATS WAS HEB ITS NOW 40G. I doubled up
mixture to batch cook.


Im not a fan of traditional pancakes ….i blame my mum lol and the slimming world ones have always being a little hit and miss, i must have tried at least 15 different recipes. My problem is texture im not a fan to the “squidgy” middles of them hence attempting to make them approx 1 million times.

So last week whilst i wasn’t feeling too well for some reason i wanted pancakes here we go again 3 failed attempts i thought i had it with the whisking the egg whites recipe but nope not for me they felt heavy and definitely “squidgy” in the middle – the texture for me just wasn’t right. However not one to give up i finally cracked it and found a recipe that worked and one i liked – woohoo i can finally enjoy pancakes, you know like normal people do!!!

Bramley Apple Baked Oats

Another variation on baked oats and the great thing about this one is i hadn’t realised that the apple sauce i used is 16 cals per tablespoon that really shocked me! I can see more apple sauce type puddings coming onto my website very soon lol.

I made this version slightly different to the ones on the ramekins either one are fab just depends which suits your taste best

Melt in the Middle Chocolate Oats

I have wanted to make this type of baked oats for ages but never really found a chocolate spread i liked. That all changed when i bought the Sweet Freedom Choc Pot spread which i absolutely love – gooey chocolate recipes coming up lol.

These little pots really hit the spot when you need something sweet to eat, fantastic at breakfast time or as an after dinner pudding.

Banana Loaf / Cake

This is such a winner of a cake and a fantastic way to use up bananas that are going past their best its also very versatile so you can add any flavours you like ….vanilla, chocolate chips etc just remember to add them into your diet plan calculations.

In the recipe below you will see i have said 2-4 Tablespoons of sweetener this is because it will depend on how sweet your bananas are for this recipe the ones that are going black are the best as that’s when they are at their sweetest.

We love this cake and when you need something sweet but want to remain on plan it works so well. However this brings me on to the million dollar question if you are following Slimming World or Calorie Counting … Calories and Syns.

The calories are the easiest just add the recipe below into your calorie counting app but the problem with this is how many slices you cut the cake into to give you the cals per slice – this cake can be cut into 16 but let’s be realistic that isn’t going to happen.

Slimming world – this is where you need to decide what is best for you and your diet – mashed cooked banana is synned so you will need to decide what’s best for you. Personally I don’t syn it but that’s just me and its the same with sweetener this should be synned, again you need to do what’s best for you. You also need to decide how many slices you are going to cut the cake into .

Baked Oat Donuts

Its not often i need something sweet to eat but today i really needed it, so decided to use my silicone donut mould again and make donuts which i have wanted to make for a while now.

These are super simple to make but really help when craving something sweet, plus they are really filling which is always good in my book.

In this batch I used Sweet Freedom Choc Shot as my sweetness and flavour but you can use sweetener or a sugar free coffee syrup.

Then once baked you can top with your toppings of your choice the choices are endless.

Slow Cooker Rice Pudding

Ooooo yes! it can be done! and its so easy to make and once you have made it you will be making it in huge batches! The lovely thing about this is that you can add any flavours you want i have added a tips card into the video recipe to help, but my top tip is remove the cooked rice from the slow cooker once its cooked or the residual heat of the ceramic pot will carry on cooking the rice and turn it into “clag” and no one likes claggy rice! if it does get a little too thick just add a little more milk

This will freeze well for batch cooking


Lemon Curd

I love lemon Curd and to be honest I have not made this recipe for years, probably since 2016 when I first posted it to my website.

It works well with Lemon cake and also to add to fruit at breakfast time, it will also last in the fridge in an airtight container for up to a week.

You can add more lemon zest if you want to make a sharp tart curd the choice is yours. My top tip for getting the curd to stop turning into scrambled eggs is to take your time and keep taking the bowl off the pan and whisking it ………if you dont it will heat too much and turn into scrambled eggs!

Also as soon as you have the curd to the consistency you like take it off the heat and place the hot bowl straight into cold water this stops the cooking and again avoids the scrambling of the eggs.

Lemon Cake

This is such an easy cake to make and can really help when you are craving something sweet. There are some top tips to getting this cake to stop tasting of eggs and I have added them into my video.

The eggs are the rising agent in these types of cakes and if you don’t whisk the whites into really firm stiff peaks as soon as your cake is cooked it will sink so have patience when doing this part.

There is another common issue with this cake and it goes along the lines of “it tastes eggy”… well yes it will if you don’t get all the eggs incorporated properly and this starts when mixing the yolks into the flour ensure everything is incorporated and you can’t see any “lumps” of yolk sorry this is the only terminology I can find to describe this process 😂 you will understand what I mean when you see it.

Then we move onto the eggs whites once you have them into stiff peaks add 1/3rd of the mixture into the cake batter and slowly incorporate it. Add the rest of the whites but again make sure once its mixed you cannot see any lumps of the egg whites showing because this is how it will cook in the cake and this is what you are tasting, hence the “eggy taste”

Sweetness is personal preference I don’t particularly have a sweet tooth so I have reduced the amount of sweetener in the recipe. However this may not be sweet enough for you so my suggestion is taste the batter mix and if needed add more sweetener to suit your taste.

If you are following Slimming World you need to decide what’s best for you with regards to sweetener the rules for this changed a few years ago and it should be synned but the choice is yours.

Once the cake is cooked you can use a cocktail stick to prick it with holes and drizzle more lemon juice over or a mix of lemon juice and icing sugar.