Toffee Baked Oats

I’m not always a fan of baked oats but every now and again I have the urge to make them. So today’s flavour is toffee which I adore and I’m sure you have seen biscoff used all over social media I decided to try something different.

I used ASKEYS toffee sauce which can be found in most supermarkets it tastes amazing, unlike biscoff it doesn’t have the density to “sit” on top of whatever you drizzle it on for too long but don’t let that put you off! the end result is so good.

Waffles (Sweet)

I love having these for breakfast or as an afternoon sweet treat – they are so easy to make and you can make them in any flavour you like.

When i make these i always batch cook them and freeze ready for a quick breakfast when needed, makes the morning rush just that little bit easier.

Cooked in real time using an electric waffle maker
Video using silicone mould NOTE THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO WHEN 35G OF OATS WAS HEB ITS NOW 40G. I doubled up
mixture to batch cook.


Im not a fan of traditional pancakes ….i blame my mum lol and the slimming world ones have always being a little hit and miss, i must have tried at least 15 different recipes. My problem is texture im not a fan to the “squidgy” middles of them hence attempting to make them approx 1 million times.

So last week whilst i wasn’t feeling too well for some reason i wanted pancakes here we go again 3 failed attempts i thought i had it with the whisking the egg whites recipe but nope not for me they felt heavy and definitely “squidgy” in the middle – the texture for me just wasn’t right. However not one to give up i finally cracked it and found a recipe that worked and one i liked – woohoo i can finally enjoy pancakes, you know like normal people do!!!


I love these easy recipes where you can literally add all your favourite vegetables or use up those in the fridge that are going past their best.

In this recipe you really can just use whatever you like and once its cook this will easily sit in the fridge for a couple of days and can be eaten hot or cold.


Bramley Apple Baked Oats

Another variation on baked oats and the great thing about this one is i hadn’t realised that the apple sauce i used is 16 cals per tablespoon that really shocked me! I can see more apple sauce type puddings coming onto my website very soon lol.

I made this version slightly different to the ones on the ramekins either one are fab just depends which suits your taste best

Sausage Pinwheel

This is just a really fab way of adding a little bit of something different to a meal and it doesn’t take much effort to do it either. The sausages i used are Heck Chicken Italia you can use any you like but it works best with sausages that come in links.

Melt in the Middle Chocolate Oats

I have wanted to make this type of baked oats for ages but never really found a chocolate spread i liked. That all changed when i bought the Sweet Freedom Choc Pot spread which i absolutely love – gooey chocolate recipes coming up lol.

These little pots really hit the spot when you need something sweet to eat, fantastic at breakfast time or as an after dinner pudding.

Baked Oat Donuts

Its not often i need something sweet to eat but today i really needed it, so decided to use my silicone donut mould again and make donuts which i have wanted to make for a while now.

These are super simple to make but really help when craving something sweet, plus they are really filling which is always good in my book.

In this batch I used Sweet Freedom Choc Shot as my sweetness and flavour but you can use sweetener or a sugar free coffee syrup.

Then once baked you can top with your toppings of your choice the choices are endless.

Mini Egg Quiches

Definitely on a roll with getting some summer cooking together, these were lovely and worked really well using cottage cheese.  They make a perfect grab and go snack and will also be fab at lunchtime as they can be eaten hot or cold.

These will last in the fridge in an airtight container for a couple of days

Egg Muffins

Perfect grab and go snack and they work really well with a salad eat hot or cold choice is yours.  These will last in the fridge in an airtight container for a couple of days and they are a fab way of using up all the bits lurking at the bottom of the fridge the flavour combinations are endless.

Butternut Squash Hash Brown

Now this was a game changer i absolutely loved this one its an idea ive had for a while but as with everything its getting the time to get around to make the things! But here we are made and eaten and enjoyed!

You can add any extra vegetables you like to this and also any flavours but spring onion and chilli worked really well

Weetabix Waffles SP version

Yep im sure you have guessed by now im obsessed with waffles but for me they are a really fab filling breakfast and are so versatile as you can add any flavours you like in this version i have used the weetabix coconut additions as my HEb and they taste amazing but i absolutely love anything coconut .

My top tip with all waffles is to not overfill the moulds as i have in this video as they will take forever to bake we are talking over 30mins you are better having a thin level layer of mix which cooks evenly – i dont like my waffles with a “squishy” middles but if you do then overload your mould hahaha! but whichever way you like your waffles …………enjoy them

SP Breakfast Ideas

I find when im on SP days i usually start the day with my

first HEb especially if the weather is cold for some reason this is when i need food! Here is a small selection of SP breakfast ideas that i have used so far remember im still in the early days of this part of slimming world and will gradually add more as time goes on

Are a firm favourite of mine as i find them easy to make and they really do fill me up and switching from yogurt to quark to make them doesn’t detract from the taste. I usually batch cook these as my silicone mould makes 4 waffles and i know if im doing 2 or 3 SP days in a row its better to make all 4 and then i can always use them for an afternoon pud if needed. (Video Recipe Under Recipe tab)

Yep im addicted to this stuff again another firm favourite mainly because its that fuller for longer feeling but i always make mine with water and sweeten with Skinny Syrups there is a video recipe on my page under Recipe tab for how i make it.

I tend to use these for “brunch” more than early breakfast but they are a fab way of using up all the bits leftover from the weekend basically add anything you like that is SP friendly again the full video recipe is on my recipe page

For me this is the easiest go to one on the list as you can adapt it to suit whatever you fancy even poached egg on toast beans mushroom tomatoes etc and if your having a “hungry day” this is the one to fill you up

Waffles for SP Days

This is a Slimming world recipe that has been adapted for SP days i love waffles and i find eating these for breakfast with lots of SP fruits keeps me fuller for longer so here is how i make mine – you will see my video recipe makes 4 this is because i always batch cook them and freeze 2 of them for later in the week

40g oats
1 x egg
sweetener if you wish i use skinny syprup to flavour and sweeten but use whatever you like
3 x heaped tablespoons of quark
(makes 2 waffles HEb)

In my video you will see i have doubled the above ingredients for batch cooking
i use tesco quark but again use whichever one you like

I always cook the waffles then rest them in their moulds for about 5-10mins before turning them out i find this helps keep their shape and stops the mixture sticking to the moulds

Breakfast Pots

This is such a fab way of firstly filling up on a morning and secondly using up all the leftover bits from over the weekend – you know all those manky veggies laid in the bottom of the fridge yep those ones! You can add whatever you like to these pots make them vegetarian or add bacon, sausage etc the variations are endless.

These little pots are also suitable for SP days by adding speed vegetables

Weetabix Waffles

Another variation of baked oats but this is using my new favourite breakfast Weetabix additions coconut i absolutely loved these and for me the other winner is there is no sugar or sweetener needed (well for me anyway)

If following slimming world these are syn free using weetabix as HEb and using a syn free yogurt the one i used was half a syn but it does make 5 waffles so well worth the syn in my eyes ha!

These also freeze well for batch cooking

Weetabix Muffins

Time for something sweet – these have been around for a while now but im not a huge fan of plain weetabix so really wasn’t that interested in making them that was however until weetabix upped their game to introduce the new additions range coconut and raisin i absolutely love anything coconut so decided now was the time to get my bake on! These make a fab grab and go breakfast or a late afternoon snack

I used weight watchers layered yogurt because the bottom compote layer adds a lovely sweetness to the muffins without the need to add sugar as you will see there is no sugar or sweetener in these muffins i personally dont think they need it but as always the choice is yours

Slimming world syns half a syn for the yogurt using weetabix as HEb you get 4 muffins from the mixture in the video so half a syn for all 4………….not too shabby eh??

Baked Gingerbread Man

Another twist on baked oats and because we are coming up to Christmas i thought i would give them a seasonal flavour i love ginger and this gingerbread syrup is gorgeous

These are syn free if using porridge as HEb and a syn free yogurt – the yogurt i used is half a syn if i had more moulds i would have batch cooked and popped them in the freezer as they make a fab “grab and go” breakfast

Slimming World Porridge (using water)

Its getting to that time of the year when a bowl of fruit just isn’t cutting it anymore and leaves you freezing cold! When this time of year comes i love porridge as its so filling and so adaptable but one thing i dont like (if your following slimming world) is using my milk allowance so i make it with water and sweeten it with Jordans skinny syrup which is syn free – i usually buy mine from TK Maxx or Amazon

If you like your porridge thick then cover the oats with water if you dont then add slightly more water
You dont have to use skinny syrup i have used diluted juice or added sweetener and both work equally as well but i must admit i prefer the skinny syrup and a huge bottle lasts ages so well worth the investment
All microwaves are different so mic for 1 min and see how it looks if too watery then mic again for 30secs but watch out for “porridge explosion” hmmm thats the last thing you want to be cleaning off the inside of your microwave!