Battery Operated Peeler

You may or may not know but I suffer with reduced grip in my right hand and reduced strength in my right arm, and this can make some ordinary day tasks quite difficult.

I’m always asked by my followers for gadgets to help with arthritis and wrist issues when cooking. In January 2021 I came across this battery operated peeler and thought how good does this sound?? I was hooked by the reviews and how it looked, so I ordered one and started testing it out.

I immediately fell in love with it, don’t get me wrong it takes a little practice but you soon get the hang of it and I couldn’t believe how well it peeled butter nut squash which is my pet hate of all vegetables to peel. It now lives on my kitchen window sill as I use it near daily.

Below is my video review excuse my “cack handedness” with potatoes this is my grip issue not the peeler.

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Weighted Blanket

I bought this on the recommendation of an Instagram friend who like me suffers from Chronic pain and fatigue. Got to admit I had never even heard of a weighted blanket but at the time my sleeping was so bad I decided to take the plunge. I purchased mine on 15th April 2021.

So today (4th May 2021) I’m still using my blanket every night and I really can say its helped my sleeping which in turn helps my pain levels.

I wake up feeling rested and ready for the day so for me this is a must and definitely a 10 out of 10.

Weighted blankets can be horrendously expensive so I did my research and went for the cheaper end of the market as everyone said there is very little difference between the expensive ones and cheaper versions.

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The MY Spike was kindly gifted to me by the Company and I have to say I’m so pleased I agreed to test it out.

As you know Im a huge fan of kebabs and have made them many different ways including creating a spike stuck in a potato – this kind of works but it’s so unstable.

The MY Spike cooks the chicken which is placed onto the spike from the inside out making It super easy to ensure the centre of the Kebab is cooked

In the video below you will see how I built the Kebab and my thoughts regarding the product.

My Spike do have a facebook page which is

How I make and marinate my kebabs press here

Brieftons Food Chopper Product Review

This is one of my top kitchen gadget i am totally rating this with a whopping 10 out of 10 Graeme bought mine approx 3 years ago and i have used it every week and during the winter months usually everyday.

I dont have much strength through my right arm / shoulder due to the operations i have had and the nerve damage, but this chopper really helps as you dont require much pressure to chop through even the toughest of vegetables as the blades are so sharp.

Everything is dishwasher safe so very easy to clean, however what i will say is if you are washing it by hand be careful the blades are super sharp and they have no problem cutting fingers….i know i have done it! I tend to leave the blade in the holder and use a toothbrush to clean the blades this then keeps my precious pinkies away from them.

This item is on my Amazon Shop linked here

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Food Saver Trays

Im always trying to find ways to reduce plastics within the kitchen environment its not always easy but new ideas are hitting the marketplace near weekly at the minute.

These trays were not gifted to me or sent free to try , i bought them myself.

If you would like to know more please watch the video and hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

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Hairy Bikers Frying Pan Review

So how many pans have you ruined?? or they have simply given up the ghost and lost their “non stick” ability?? I have lost count to be honest and i always try and buy good expensive pans. In my early days of slimming world i must have thrown out at least 3 frying pans due to Frylite build up that completely ruined the pan.

My last frying pan has lasted well (i dont use Frylite anymore) but it seems to have lost its mojo over the last couple of months so about 2 months ago i did something that went against everything i know about pans ….buy expensive heavy base good non stick…yep the list goes on! but i bought a £5.99 pan which was a Hairy Bikers brand from Homebargains.

Graeme did the eye roll thing thinking this is going to last exactly 2 minutes i guess i also thought the same, but i have been proven wrong i love this pan its lightweight easy to move around on the hob heats up quickly and nothing but nothing sticks to it! It has been used nearly everyday so has certainly seen some action but it has not faltered once so in my opinion that is money well spent and the non stick coating is still intact.

Million Dollar Question – would i buy another one??? in a heartbeat!

Below are some top tips to keep your pan in the best condition:-

1) Dont use Frylite (sorry Slimming Worlders)
2) Once you have used the pan let it cool completely before you wash it up even if it has food glued to it.
3) Heat the pan slowly on the hob, because it doesn’t have that “heavy bottom” base heating it too quickly can make it difficult to cook things slowly e.g. onions, mushrooms, eggs and control the pans temperature. Or if your cooking say a stiry fry then heat the pan on high from the beginning to cook quickly.
4)If you do get food glued to it then after its cooled leave it to soak for 5 mins then wash the food away – i have left mine with dried on honey glued to it and it still came off with no scrubbing,
5) Dont scrub with metal scourer.
6) Use wooden or plastic cooking utensils not metals as this will scratch the coating. 

SHO Water Bottle Product Review

I often get thing sent free to try and this SHO water bottle was gifted to me to use, now somethings i love that i get sent and somethings not so …..BUT I absolutely love this water bottle it has become my new best friend it goes everywhere with me and its definitely going on holiday with me!!!

The bottle i got sent holds 750ml which means it can hold a bottle of wine, not that i advocate drinking lol BUT when your at festivals or camping it can be a fab way of keeping your drink of choice cool.

SHO have not paid me for this review this is just my honest opinion if you want to have a look at the full range then hit the below website link

SHO website 

Bimuno Update 15th March

I thought i would do a little update of how im getting along using Bimuno, well all i can say is i am so happy that i found this product! I have used it now since beginning of February and my bloating has gone down and stayed down which for me is just the best thing ever!

What has also amazed me is that it really doesn’t matter what foods i eat nothing seems to trigger a bad bloating episode i actually feel “normal” again and yep i appreciate that sounds a bit dramatic but since summer last year i have really struggled with bloating and going to the loo 🙈 and since starting with Bimuno im now going everyday! 

There is also a version for IBS all information is on Bimuno website 
Have i found any side effects from taking the Bimuno powder??? none whatsoever for me its been a fantastic addition to my diet.

How do i take mine??? i always take it in my first cup of tea in the morning i just feel if its the first thing that hits my stomach its better plus i dont forget lol.

Bimuno also have a product for IBS sufferers and again all the information is on their website hit the link above 

Bimuno 1st Set Of Results

The below is taken from my instagram account and a post that i shared dated 1st February 2018 i still take Bimuno everyday and still seeing the benefits. I cannot explain the changes taking Bimuno has made all the below is still true and my bloating is becoming a thing of the past! 

These results are real there is no standing awkwardly or filtering the photos, this is 100% me warts and all.

Below this post is more information on the Bimuno products and how they work i have added  “clickable” links so it will take you straight to the information – i cannot recommend this product enough for bloating, you have seen my results so why not give it a try for 30days and see how you get on??? it could be the best product you have ever stumbled across!! I for one am so happy i stumbled across it!

There is also a product for IBS and all the information regarding this is on the website again the link is below.

I will also keep adding to this tab my progress pictures to keep you all updated of how im getting on using Bimuno 


You can place your order here → Bimuno Website 

What is Bimuno

Why Am I Bloated

YouTube Video Of Bimuno and What it is

Pull Chopper Product Review

My favourite kitchen gadget i just love this piece of kit because it means i dont have to drag my food processor out of the cupboard just to whizz up a batch of cauliflower rice or some breadcrumbs.  I am not promoting this brand this was just what Graeme bought for me off Amazon but Ebay also sell these just search pull chopper and you will be presented with loads of them!

For me this is a fab product because even if you go camping you can still use it as it requires no electricity!!

Would i buy it again??? Yes im already purchasing my second one to leave over in the farmhouse in France saves all that chopping on onions and garlic! haha!

Frying Pan Review

Frying pans can be expensive and there are so many of them on the market its difficult to decide which ones are the best i have always used Teflon non stick pans for years but as with all pans they get to the point where they have seen better days! I decided a year or so ago to invest in the JML Regis stone pan which i thought initially was expensive for a small pan and it is BUT is it worth it???  i totally fell in love with this little pan nothing sticks to it and it holds the heat well and can be controlled much better than my other non stick pans.  Then the decision came to replace what we call our “medium” size frying pan which was always an awkward size so without hesitation i went for a Regis pan which i bought online £17 now this is a Regis “type” pan not a JML one personally i cannot find any difference apart from there is no Regis Stone indented in the base of the pan it performs equally as well as my JML small pan.  We needed one more pan a large one 30cm and was ready to order another regis style pan but was wandering around asda and started looking at a million frying pans getting more and more confused but one jumped out partly because it was £14 was a Scoville NeverStick pan so i quickly jumped online and grabbed hold of customer reviews and it got 5 stars over and over again decision made! I really wish i had found this pan first because whilst it is slightly heavier than the Medium regis pan i have nothing but nothing sticks to this pan and needs hardly any oil which if your following slimming world is fantastic.
Whilst im happy with all the pans i now have would i make any different decsions???? yes i love my small JML pan but would have loved to replace my bigger frying pans with the Scoville Neverstick pan i picked up in Asda 
Asda Scoville
Regis “type” 
Regis Stone JML

Morphy Richards sear and stew slow cooker

Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Slow Cooker
I have had this slow cooker for approx 3 years now and i absolutely love it for me the real difference here is that the inner pot is made of non stick aluminium so its so easy to clean unlike some of the ceramic ones and trust me ive spent hours trying to get my old one clean! Because it has an aluminium inner if the pot does get dropped it just bounces off the floor instead of smashing into a million pieces and yep i have done that also.
There are 3 heat settings low, med and high the only thing i feel missing here is a “keep warm” position but for me thats not a deal breaker as i just time the meal to finish when i need it. My version of this slow cooker does cook quite hot even on low and most of the meals i make i cook on low its a bit of a “hottie” but they are all different so its just a matter of getting used to the one you have other people have reported they cook really slowly.
The huge selling point with this slow cooker is that you can use it on the hob to sweat down onions and brown off meat which means you cut down on the pans you use so a huge bonus when time is an issue it does work when i first got my cooker i used to bring all my meals together by starting them off in the pot so its not a gimmick.  You will also see from my photos the inner (and lid) are dishwasher safe.
My slow cooker is 3.5ltr and i would say this can feed a family of 4 no problems but if like me your feeding 2 then i just use leftovers for lunches through the week or i bulk the meal out and batch cook and freeze what we dont use
What i buy another one???????????? absolutely i wouldn’t even hesitate to look at what else is on the market 

Meat Thermometer

I find a meat thermometer invaluable mine was bought for me as an xmas present and i have to say its been well used! When i first got into cooking i was paranoid about cooking chicken – well any meat really as i was never sure if it was cooked even though it was falling off the bone…yep thats cooked! Thermometers come in digital or mechanical. The one i use is linked on my amazon shop


All these years later Spicentice is very much a family business (with mum, Manjula, and dad, Ramnik, still making sure Ketan eats a good lunch!) and the range has grown to include Indian, Thai, Jamaican, Moroccan, Portuguese, Cajun and Mexican spice kits, along with herb & spice rubs in handy tins and real Indian fruit chutneys.
Spicentice stands out from the crowd because of its commitment to traditional recipes that have been perfected over generations, with 100% pure herbs & spices, no waste and absolutely no nasties!  Cooking and sharing a meal using our spice kits or rubs will impress your family and friends (and make Ketan’s mum very happy!)
Our clever little (no waste) spice kits contain 100% pure herbs & spices, along with a shopping list and an easy to follow recipe to serve four in no time at all.  You can choose from delicious dishes inspired from around the world including Indian, Thai, Mexican, Portuguese, Cajun, Jamaican and Moroccan recipes.
With twenty four spice kits to choose from, there’s something for everyone – including meat, fish, vegetarian and side dish recipes, so browse here for all the spicy inspiration you need…
I use a lot of Spicentice spice kits and rubs its just makes life so much easier they are so versatile too, the spice kits are supposed to be cooked on the hob but most of the time i use them in the slow cooker and hey presto they have still turned out beautifully i guess thats the sign of a quality product! The rubs also have so many uses they can be used as a marinate, a sprinkle into soups etc, a rub  i have used the chipolte rub in my chilli and it adds a lovely background hum to the dish. If you want to see how i use the spice kits go into my video tab and look for slow cooker lamb madras this dish was delicious I served it with Spicentice bombay potatoes 
For me the service and comminication plays a huge part when ordering a product i have to hand it to Spicentice their customer service and communication is second to none – they really have got it right, so from me thats a huge thumbs up!

Below are the contact details for Spicentice i have inserted a link to take you directly to their website where you will find more products than the ones i have shown below – the one thing i can promise is you wont be dissapointed

Instagram @spicentice

a) Persian Kofta
Lamb Madras
Chipotle Rub
New Herbs & Spice Rub Gift Set

With all Spicentice kits you can use my discount code Jules 20 for 20% of any order