What Can I Freeze?? Part 2 Jacket Potatoes

I have been cooking jacket potatoes in the slow cooker for years now and especially when the kids were little and out playing all day – you would hear the dreaded “im hungry” would land and holy hell would break loose! So for me this was a fantastic hack as it allowed me to heat some hotdogs (dont judge lol kids loved them) get the jackets out pop some butter on job done kids fed.

Now they are all grown up its morphed into looking more at food waste and one of the vegetables for me that gets overlooked is potatoes as they are stored in a cupboard on their own in the dark – so easy to forget about. Now when this happens i just pop them in the slow cooker and usually once cooked make waffles out of them as to be honest i prefer waffles to jacket potatoes.

The video has all the information you need – i think, but if i have missed anything please comment below and i will get back to you.

What Can I Freeze??? PART 1 (Passata, Tinned Tomatoes, Pease Pudding)

I think this is the most asked question i get in a daily basis on both instagram and facebook and i know some are not comfortable with just taking a chance and then the food ends up in the bin.

Last year i made huge in roads into this within our home and froze lots and lots of different foods and it really does help save money and cut down on food waste. Here is my first video dedicated to this topic and as i say in the video this wont be my last there will be many more videos to come in the future on this topic.