Slow Cooker Ham Broth

This a new take on an old recipe my mum used to make which my brother and I called “gruel” OK it wasn’t awful or anything like that but when you are little all you really want to eat is sausage egg and chips 🤣🤣

I remember my mum cooking this in our pressure cooker, that gadget used to put the fear of god into me wondering if the house was going to blowing up – that tiny little weight thing on top of the lid rattling for dear life.

Pressure cookers like everything else in life have come a long way thankfully and so has this recipe or my take on it.

Let’s talk broth mix, when you are using a slow cooker you really don’t need to presoak the broth mix if you leave it long enough it will cook perfectly. However that’s where the problem lies you could end up with crunchy lentils if it’s not cooked for the correct period of time, so I have suggested you presoaking them.

I used leftover Gammon / Ham in my recipe but you can really use anything leftover lamb, bacon chicken but if the meat is cooked add it the last hour of cooking.

If you are confident in using your slow cooker this is a perfect recipe for overnight cooking providing the smell of cooking wafting through the house doesn’t wake you up.

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