My Book

After many years of wanting to write a recipe book we are finally here, i have done it!

So Happy To Have Achieved This

I have self published via Amazon in Kindle Format and Paperback Format. Whilst the Kindle version was nearly painless to publish it was a different story with the paperback.

The paperback needs colour printing because of the photographs within the book and that’s where i hit a problem.  Amazon individually print every book ordered and the print cost are horrendous. Below is a screenshot of the sale from each book i will achieve  £2.50 for each sale.

At the moment i really just want whomever buys the book to enjoy it so that £2.50 isn’t hurting me as much as it should and lets remember this is my first ever book.

The paperback version has more content, more pages more about me and different serving suggestions for the recipes included.

Below are the links to buy the book in whichever format you would like it in.

KINDLE – Press  here

PAPERBACK – Press here

PDF – email me directly at

Here we are with my new book Lighter Bites which is all about taking your cooking into the warmer months… the Lazy way. The book has 41 recipes and 90% are new recipes that won’t be on my website.

Once again I have self published via Amazon in Kindle and paperback format, you can also get a PDF copy from me if you wish just send me an email.

Here is the link to Lighter Bites on Amazon

5 thoughts on “My Book

  1. Hi Jules, Congratulations on publishing your 1st book. I have clicked on your link to buy the paperback edition but its taking me to the kindle download. Can you let me know how I can obtain the paperback please.
    Kind regards
    ⁣Kay Stevenson
    Sent from BlueMail ​


    1. Hi Kay
      Thank you so much I’m so happy to have finally released a book it’s such an exciting time. The link was originally only for kindle as the book was with Amazon awaiting approval, however its now live on Amazon.

      I have amended the links on my website and they all now work so you can order a paperback version from the link. I really hope you enjoy it, Jules xx


  2. Hi Jules ,
    Just ordered couple of books looking forwards to them coming hope your well at the minute and good luck with your book , I’m sure it will be a massive hit well of course it will 👍
    Best wishes .
    Phyllis Smith


    1. Hi hun my apologies for the late reply its been a little bit of a whirlwind and I think I’m only just catching up. Thank you so much for ordering my book and I really hope you enjoyed it, thank you so much for all your love and support Jules xx


    2. Hi Phyllis apologies for the late reply I really got behind with everything before Christmas and I’m only now trying to catch up. Thank you so much for ordering my book and im so happy you are enjoying it, the book is doing so well its made a dream come true ❤️


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