Cheats Beef Pie (Ready In 10 – 15 Mins)

The start of a new feature for my website “Storecupboard Recipes” this is something i know im going to love as it will be utilising all those tins and packets stored away that we never use (well i know i dont lol)

Christmas is nearly here and we are all super busy and all trying to stay on the diet plan of choice so im hoping these short cut cooking hacks will help get a fab family meal onto the table in record time. For the pastry you can use any shape or size which if following a diet plan will reduce calories, syns or points.

I have created this pie using beef brisket in Gravy which can be found in the chilled Isle in Tesco and I have also used a tin of Tesco lean stewed steak in Gravy.

This pie is 3 portions I used a tin of Tesco Lean Stewed Steak Pastry weight for this pie dish is approx 100g I used Tesco Light Puff Pastry.

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