Slow Cooker Chicken Casserole (Colman’s)

When you are pushed for time this is a fantastic meal which will take you 2 mins to prep and if like me you are going to pop it all in the slow cooker you can then walk away and get on with your day.

I used a sachet mix today its not designed to be used in the slow cooker but it works perfectly well so dont be afraid to use it.

You can serve this many different ways in the below videos you will see i have served using sliced potates making a kind of hotpot dish or i have topped it mashed potato which also worked really well, a very versatile dish that you can adapt to suit your family.

Topped with sliced potatoes
Topped with mashed potato

The Vegetable chopper i used can be found here

Below is the full step by step video of how i cooked the meal and the serving options available the potatoes i used were from Cheshire farm their website is

In this version I followed the recipe from above
then topped it with light puff pastry
the dish I use holds 3 portions and takes approx 100g of pastry

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