Cheesy Taco Gnocchi Bake

Another fantastic vegetarian meal we really enjoyed this one and it is super easy to make perfect for those days when you don’t have time to stand and cook for hours, this literally takes 15mins to get onto the table. My top tip for cooking gnocchi is don’t over cook it as soon as it floats to the top of a pan of boiling water remove it and drain it immediately.

The taco beans i used were in a spicy tomato sauce but to be honest i didn’t feel the sauce was spicy at all and once i added the vegetables to them i decided to add a teaspoon of paprika this is optional, as always taste and adjust to your liking.

Although this meal is part of my “meat free Monday ” series on instagram and facebook you can add meat to it if you wish Chicken, Minced Beef, Sausages or ham would work well.

You will notice in the video that i transferred the meal from the frying pan into an oven proof dish – this was for the end photograph only and when i make it again i will add the gnocchi to the frying pan top it with cheese and pop it under the grill. Making more washing up is not for me at all 😂😂😂😂🙈

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