Peri Peri Pork Kebabs (Spicentice)

I have wanted to make this recipe for weeks now and i have finally got around to it and it did not disappoint! Im using Spicentice Peri Peri Chicken spice kit which serves 4 i used half the sachet and will use the other half another day. Spicentice also have a Portuguese Peri Peri spice which i love this would also work well in this recipe.

Spices are from use discount code JULES10 for 10% off any order (AFFILIATE)

Pork is a relatively cheap cut of meat and is very lean which means it can have a tendency to dry out and be tough which is why you will see i have used yogurt to coat the pork. My top tip here is to ensure the yogurt is “baked” cooked so its hard to the touch – if its not cooked all you will taste is the yogurt. If the yogurt isnt charred and cooked turn the heat up high for a couple of minutes this shouldn’t dry the meat out as the yogurt protects the meat from the heat.

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