Celeriac & Carrot Soup

I have completely fallen in love with celeriac and lets face it its super healthy and makes a great alternative to potatoes it mashes roasts and makes a tasty soup!

Treat celeriac as you would a turnip or swede and any lumpy bits you dont like then chop them off

If following slimming world this soup is syn free and SP friendly also batch cooks and freezes well

Butternut Squash Soup

Another fantastic soup for the colder weather and so easy to make as you will see from the video i roasted my vegetables in this recipe but you can just chop the veggies and pop them in a pan or chop and chuck everything into the slow cooker.

I left the skin on my BNS but you can take if off if you like the choice as always is yours.  

Pumpkin Soup

What a fantastic winter soup i absolutely loved this one and it was so easy to make – you will see i decided to roast my vegetables in the oven but you can make this in a soup maker, the slow cooker or in a pan on the hob the choice is yours.

A perfect soup for batch cooking and freezing.

Slow Cooker Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Yep i can hear the groans from here but trust me you are going to love this soup …promise 😀 I made this in the slow cooker because lets face it by now you know im lazy like that and if i can use my slow cooker to make food i will, but you can easily do this in a pan or a soup maker.

Its such an easy recipe but it works well and will definitely be going back on my lunch menu very soon it was a big thumbs up from me. 

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta Bake

This is a perfect food waste recipe as you can literally add anything you like, all those vegetables in the fridge looking past their best – those work well in this recipe. Leftover chicken or ham from Sunday dinner again perfect for this dish is a great all round base to create a dinner using up whatever you have.

Keep a cup of pasta water as its starchy and will help you create the creamy sauce, in the recipe i have used Philadelphia but you can use any cream cheese you like whichever one works best in your diet use that one.

The spice I use is from Spicentice go to https://bit.ly/2VYUZLG use discount code JULES10 FOR 10% off any order AFFILIATE

Mini Egg Quiches

Definitely on a roll with getting some summer cooking together, these were lovely and worked really well using cottage cheese.  They make a perfect grab and go snack and will also be fab at lunchtime as they can be eaten hot or cold.

These will last in the fridge in an airtight container for a couple of days

Egg Muffins

Perfect grab and go snack and they work really well with a salad eat hot or cold choice is yours.  These will last in the fridge in an airtight container for a couple of days and they are a fab way of using up all the bits lurking at the bottom of the fridge the flavour combinations are endless.

Steak Pasty

Here is another one i can tick off my list! These were really good and will definitely be making them again, you can use any wrap you like and any tinned steak i used a weight watchers wrap as my HEb and the tinned steak was 4.5 syns which made each pasty 1.5 syns …….and totally worth it.

Scotch Eggs 2 Ways

I love scotch eggs and especially when the weather is warmer they make a fab snack or part of a pack lunch.  In this video i have made them 2 ways as in the past i have always used sausages to cover the egg with but this time i decided to also try 5% fat free pork mince also – whichever way you cook them they are both syn free.

Note: i always eat mine with a little salad and never as a snack 2 or 3 at a time 🙈

Caramelised Onion Hummus

Another recipe i have wanted to make for an age, hummus can be so high in syns if following slimming world so making it yourself really does help save on syns especially during the summer months when dips are used more frequently. The key to this one is to have patience to soften down the onions it really will pay dividends and give you a fantastic flavour.

The hummus will last in the fridge easily 4 days in an airtight container, its also syn free and SP friendly.


This is another recipe that has been on my “to do list” forever! Im slowing working my way through them lol….. such a simple recipe but it really does work well and im really happy with how these turned out. 

If following slimming world these are syn free and they are also SP friendly and also make a great snack.

Cheese & Onion Potato Waffles

I absolutely love waffles sweet and savoury and now i have fallen in love with my electric waffle maker the world is my oyster lol.  These can be made in any flavour you like its just as you know i love cheese!

If following slimming world these are syn free – but if your using cheese remember to either syn it or use it as your HEa

NOTE 28th December 2019 ……..If you are following slimming world SMASH or Potato Flakes now carry syns so they best way to get a syn free waffle is by microwaving potatoes scooping out the flesh and adding any flavours you like then use an egg to bind the mixture.


Carrot & Coriander Soup

Now who doesn’t love a good soup i know we do and i have wanted to make this one for ages! Its a really simple soup that requires basically no explanation other than how much coriander you need to use??? well that is up to you.

My top tip if your not sure about how much coriander you need is to add a small amount during the cooking process use the stalks as these usually get chucked in the bin, then once the soup is cooked and blended you can always add more to get the taste you like. 

I have made this soup many times and and if you watch the older youtube video you will see i used a tin of butter beans yet in the newer video i have used a potato – you can use either all these do is thicken the soup up and add more filling power, both work equally well.

This will batch cook well and freeze well. 

Homemade Tomato Soup

I love tomato soup but i dont like the amount of sugar and salt in some of the tinned versions so last year i made my own the only problem was i didn’t write the recipe down! So as we are now in the winter months its time to revisit the recipe – the key with this soup is to use the ripest tomatoes you can find this will take away that “tart” taste you can get in some tomato soups. 

There will always be an element of taste adjustment at the end of this because its going to depend on what tomatoes you use and you may need to add more flavour – more basil or balsamic vinegar i would suggest you let the soup cool slightly before tasting as when hot i dont think you can judge it properly.

Corned Beef and Onion Pasty

I have wanted to make these for ages ever since they popped up on a facebook page however im always wary of these versions of the real thing as ive tried many of these recipes and they have left me totally disappointed! However these were really good and you can swap the flavours to make whatever type of pasty you like – they are super simple to make and really tasty.

In the video there are a couple of top tips to stop you getting a soggy bottom and to help with crimping to stop any leaking,

Butternut Squash Hash Brown

Now this was a game changer i absolutely loved this one its an idea ive had for a while but as with everything its getting the time to get around to make the things! But here we are made and eaten and enjoyed!

You can add any extra vegetables you like to this and also any flavours but spring onion and chilli worked really well

Cauliflower Rice

Yep as you guessed im fed up of paying for microwave pouches of cauliflower rice so i decided to see how difficult it was to make my own hmmmm how difficult was it???? Not! it was so easy and to be honest tasted so much better and i really liked the fact i could get the texture the way i liked it i left mine slightly chunky which i really loved but blitz it down to how you like it.

Add any spices you like this works really well on SP days

SP Lunch Ideas

Lunch time is usually where i use one of my HEb and its usually a wrap or a bread bun i think when you have been following the Extra Easy plan for a number of years the fact you can now have two HEb is just the best thing ever! and the thought of being able to have bread which is one of my huge downfalls is just too much temptation for me not to have it haha! So lunch kinda revolves around bread the holy grail of dieting!

Here is a small selection of what i eat for lunch i do try to keep it simple and light 1) time is always against me and 2) i love a big dinner so this way i dont feel “over full” off eating way too much at lunchtime

The meals range from a selection of salads which are fab when the weather is warm but when its a little chilly i need stodge thats when the “open sandwich” comes into play as you can pile double the amount of fillings on one bun! Wraps are another fab one and quesadilla’s are so easy to make we used to called them pizza wraps when the kids were little plus they still make to this day – guess its all that gooey cheesy filling!

Egg wraps are simple and quick to make then you can top them with anything you like i added sausages bacon and some salad to mine so it was like a BLT ish .

One of my favourite things at the minute is sausages patties but i tend to have these if i have had fruit for breakfast or over a weekend – just take the sausages out of the skins add some spices or herbs squish it together form the pattie and fry it just cooks quicker this way.

Im not good with Fish but i do try and one of the lunches that i made was mackerel on toast i used a bread but i served it with a side bowl of salad to ensure i had that 50% S&P. which i really enjoyed.

As i move forward with SP i will add more cards to the website like this but my top tip with SP is plan your lunches i always plan my dinners but never lunches and its has caught me out on more than one occasion and i find its best planned then you dont reach for the wrong things

Graemes’ Sticky Sweet Chilli Chicken

Well what a treat this was not only was someone else doing the cooking but it was divine! such fab flavours and so easy to make – just wish i had thought of it myself ha!!!

Im sure you will have guessed by now my long suffering OH is a much better cook than i will ever be and it was him who taught me to cook so i though it only fair to not claim this one as my own but to give him some credit for this new creation!

The key to this is getting the chicken cut thinly or the fillets sliced thinly depending on which you use as the idea is it should be a quick meal to get to the table! Its really easy to cook but tastes amazing you wont be disappointed making this one thats for sure!