Sweet & Sour Chicken Nuggets

I have been trying to make this recipe since the beginning of January šŸ™ˆ as its a perfect vegetarian recipe for Meat Free Monday but as with all things in my life it takes time to get these things done.

However, here we are and I can definitely say this one was worth the wait it was amazing really hit the spot and if you’re craving a takeaway then maybe give this a try.

Use any chicken nuggets you like i used Quorn to keep the recipe vegetarian but any will work. In the recipe you will see i have said either add the nuggets to the pan after they are cooked and coat them in the sauce or pour the sauce over them.

The reason for this is that to coating on the nuggets can go soft and a little “soggy” if you leave them sitting in the sauce too long – but to be honest I really enjoyed them that way, this is one of those personal preference things.

OK let’s get to the million dollar question regarding SYNS or calories unfortunately I can’t give you that information because it depends on the ingredients used.

Tomato Sauce – depends on the brand you use at the minute I’m using Tesco own brand low salt low sugar which is 7 Cals per tablespoon such a fantastic find – but yours maybe different and much higher or lower in calories.

Sugar – If you are following Slimming World Sweetener is now synned but if you are a rebel like me then I don’t and won’t syn its because I don’t use it anywhere else in my diet. Remember to do whatever is best for you and the diet plan you are following.

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