Garlic & Rosemary Smashed Roast Potatoes

During the Winter months I think there are only so many times you can eat roast potatoes before you start looking for an alternative or a different flavour and here we are.

These were gorgeous they really took on the garlic and rosemary flavour but without it being overpowering . Plus they made a fantastic change to normal roasties.

My top tip is once you have cut your potatoes stand them in a bowl of cold water for as long as possible I usually Chop mine first thing on a morning and leave them until dinner time. This removes some of the starch from the potatoes making them easier to cook and they also seem to need less oil.

I also par boiled my potatoes in the microwave, it’s just so much easier this way plus your potatoes don’t absorb loads of water making them “mushy”. It is definetly easier to cook them once par boiled plus it reduces the cooking time.

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