Beef Burgers

This was one of the first video recipes i made when starting off with Jules The Lazy Cook so i decided to revisit it and make it a tad more snappy haha! So why do i make my own beef burgers????? well if i told you i dont like beef burgers would you believe me??? well i dont i have never eating a fast food burger and probably never will im not sure where my dislike of them came from but it was definitely from my childhood because i wouldn’t eat them either!!

Fast forward to my love of cooking and now i will eat them but only if i or Graeme make them from scratch i love making them as you can add so many different flavours and seasonings to them – these have even passed the “kids test” so i know im on the right track.

I always make a huge batch of these as once BBQ season starts these bad boys dont last long at all – they freeze well for batch cooking

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