Chipolte Potato Bites

I love potatoes and think they are a really inexpensive way of bulking out a meal especially if you have children.

These were really good that subtle hit of Chipolte worked a treat – the spice i used is from use discount code JULES20 for 20% off any order (AFFILIATE)

I always par boil my potatoes using the microwave method i just find it easier especially if the hob is full of pans trying to get other parts of the meal cooked, plus it cuts down on cooking time in the oven. As you will see i dont use my oven to cook these i use a halogen but the temperatures and times given are for a conventional oven.

Why do i use a halogen??? cost basically – the cost of heating an oven to temperature and then cooking can be horrendous when you are just cooking a few potatoes – a halogen heats immediately and the cost is hugely reduced due to the heating methods they use. You will find the one i use on my Amazon Shop press here

NOTE:- the “how to” for the potatoes is in the 2nd part of the below video

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