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I have toyed with this idea for weeks now and finally decided to set up my own Jules The Lazy Cook Amazon Shop which will showcase all the products i use in my kitchen.

As with everything in life time is precious and im trying to streamline everything across all my social media accounts Instagram, Facebook & Youtube and when you are answering the same question over and over that time ticks away quickly and on top of trying to manage my pain the day can run away with me quickly.

Each product i select will have a little side note against it to explain a little more about why i have selected it for my shop so please click the little “speech bubble” against each item.

Here is the link to my Amazon Store
feel free to have a look around and if you have any questions please shout up.

I do receive a commission from anything that is purchased from my shop and will be using this to invest back into to my Social Media Platforms and promoting my pages.

Very Shortly i will be adding to this page with some of my favourite gadgets and giving a full review of them (11.10.19)


Read my review on this

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