Spicentice Vegan Sausage Pie

Im a huge fan of Spicentice and was really excited to try out the new Vegan range they have created however, as i have said in the video for me personally moving to a vegan diet is just not for me but i have huge amounts of respect for anyone who makes changes to their lifestyle and diet.

The kit is supposed to be shepherds pie but after a vote on my Facebook page the finished meal as you will see is Vegetarian Sausage Pie and i have to say it was the right decision the end meal was delicious.

Moving forward im going to try and create 1 Vegetarian recipe per week and have 1 meat free day per week so these kits will really help me on this new venture.

Spice Kits are from https://www.spicentice.com/ use discount code Jules 20 for 20% off any order ( #ad)

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