One Week Of Lunches

Every month or so on my Facebook Page i run a feature which is either food ideas or ideas to minimise food waste – this is the latest feature and one that went down a storm. I hadn’t realised that so many struggled with lunch ideas whether that be at home or to take “on the go” so every meal you see below can either be eating at home or in the work environment.

Top Tip….if you do not have facilities to heat food at work then look at buying a food flask i have used one for years spending many hours and miles driving all over the UK – they really do work and when its cold wet and miserable a hot meal can be most welcoming


Everything i used and i how cooked it is in the below video, picture of finished meal is below

Fished Meal
Sauces I used


To watch the “How To” video press the link below


I appreciate this is only pasta and sauce from a packet BUT you can really make a meal of it by adding lots of vegetables and maybe a little chorizo or ham


This is a super speedy meal it would even work well for an evening meal – the chicken can be eaten hot or cold and is from Asda. The slide showing Syn Values is from a Facebook Group called Syns R Us and is a fantastic group well worth joining.


You can basically add anything into this one you like, i used cooked chicken but you could use packet chicken if you wish. Fry off any vegetables you like if using cooked chicken add it to the veg and heat it through, once the pasta is cooked add that to the pan also. Stir in the pesto use as much or as little as you like but remember to syn it or calculate the calories brands differ so please check the one you are using. If the consistency is a little too thick add a little of the pasta water and will help thicken the sauce and allow the pesto to coat everything.


I used the promise gluten free roll then added anything i could find in the fridge that needed using up – the cheese is light Mozzarella


Another fantastic easy recipe that works well for lunches or evening meal i have made this many times and it never disappoints, again add any vegetables you like.

You can watch the How To video by pressing the link below

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