Sausage & Beans (Spicentice)

Another fantastic kit from Spicentice this is the perfect “one pot” meal and is designed to be cooked on the hob but as always with me i popped it in the slow cooker and it worked perfectly!

These kits are so adaptable and i always adapt the recipe to suit, in this recipe i swapped butter beans to pinto beans as i didn’t have butter beans, i swapped English mustard to wholegrain mustard as im not a huge fan of English mustard. So did these swaps work??? absolutely.

Each kit comes with the ingredients list and cooking instructions so you can just follow that and cook the meal as its intended – but i also think its really important to show you just how adaptable these kits are.

Purchase your kits from use discount code JULES 20 for 20% off any order this is my affiliate code with Spicentice.

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