Soulvaki (Spicentice)

As you know i love Spicentice kits they just work, they save time cooking in the kitchen, help mix up meals and keep them interesting.

My all time favourite food is anything chicken, kebabs and flatbread lol i could live on this food and this kit from Spicentice did not disappoint, plus its so easy to prep and cook as they have done all the hard work with regards to flavour for you.

The kits serve 4 but as you know there are only 2 of us so i either make up the whole kit or half it and use it another time, each kit comes with the ingredients you need and a full set of cooking instructions for this one i just followed the instruction card as you will see in the video below.

Kits can be found at

The kit i used in this recipe is you can use my code JULES 20 FOR 20% off any order (AFFILIATE)

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