Shish Kebabs

As you know kebabs are my favourite food i love them not only because they are tasty but they are so easy and quick to make. The flavour combinations are endless, however when i make them i usually reach for the Spicentice rubs they take all the hassle of our trying to get the right flavour and when you are busy who wants to be trying to blend a spice mix? definitely no me!

Spices i use are found here use discount code JULES20 For 20% of any order (AFFILIATE)

I always mix my spices with yogurt before coating the chicken this protects the chicken to stop it drying out during the cooking process, so what you get is a baked outer coating but the chicken is still moist.

You can grill or BBQ the kebabs and they are fantastic served with a homemade flatbread press here for recipe

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