Slow Cooker Chinese Pork

You will not believe how easy this one is to make but trust me it is and it tastes amazing and in my book that is definitely a win\win.

The key to this recipe is get the taste to how you want it we all have different tastes so its important to get the sauce the way you like it.  You can either cook the recipe as it is and taste the sauce at the end of cooking – if you need to make any adjustments pop it in a pan add more of whatever you like …. probably honey and 5 spice then heat through or taste it before you start cooking and adjust.  Its a very hardy sauce an you cannot ruin it so dont worry and if you want a really thick sauce just reduce it down in a pan on the hob, i didn’t need to do this but as i always say all slow cookers are different.

Creamy Mashed Potato (using an Egg)

I have seen this many many times on the internet and and blogs and always wondered does it work??? will it be eggy?? and will it leave lumpy egg in my mash??? well i can confirm the answer to all these are NO.

This works so well and gives a really creamy mash i used 1 egg in my portion and if following slimming world this now keeps your mash syn free.

Slow Cooker Glazed Ham / Gammon

I made this for Christmas and have to say it was gorgeous, in our house at Christmas this is usually Graeme’s job but this year i decided i wanted to give it a whirl – was dreading ruining it lol. 

It all worked out fine and i have no idea what i was worrying about the glazed worked perfectly and the meat was beautifully infused. 

This is a fantastic way to cook ham or gammon for those special occasions and it really is super easy.

I used Marmalade and Ginger as the Glaze but you can use whatever flavours you like. You can also cook the ham in and liquid you like i use diluted orange juice as it adds a sweetness to the ham.

Cooking it in the slow cooker ensure the ham stays beautifully tender, after its cooked I always leave mine to cool completely the pop it in the fridge overnight then the next day add the Glaze I find this helps of you want to carve the joint.

If you over cook the ham in the slow cooker it will fall apart to prevent that happening use a digital meat thermometer and once the internal cooked temperature is reached remove it from the slow cooker.

See my Amazon Shop for a digital meat thermometer look under kitchen gadgets

Yorkshire Puddings (Slimming Friendly)

Healthy Yorkshire Puddings? absolutely! these really do work and i use this recipe frequently. A fab addition to Sunday Lunch and super easy to make.

In this recipe i made a batch of 12, let them cool then I froze them. However, if there are only 2 of you like Graeme and I just half the ingredients to make 6.

I’m the older version of this recipe it asks for 40ml water but today I didn’t need the water as it depends on the size of the eggs you use.

My top tip is to add all the ingredients to a jug mix well and leave the batter to sit for a minimum of 20mins then if needed add small amounts of water.

Another top tip is to test the heat of the oil before adding the batter as this will really help the puddings rise, drop a small amount of batter into the tray and if it sizzles then it’s OK if it doesn’t put it back into the oven.

Butterbean Mash

Ok i admit this sounds mad but if your wanting to reduce your carbs or following slimming world SP days and missing your mash then give this a go you wont regret it!

I used a tin of butterbeans and a tin of chickpeas but you can use whatever you want and add any flavours spices or herbs you like

Just a note:- add the used stock a little at a time until you get the mash to the consistency you want

Slow Cooker Chicken (which can be turned into Roast Chicken)

Slow Cooker Chicken one of the easiest ways to cook a chicken add any flavours you want or leave plain. The chicken must be lifted off the bottom of the slow cooker you can use any old vegetables to do this, ramekins turned upside down or scrunched up foil balls to sit the chicken on this keeps it out of the juices.

More importantly the heating element of the slow cooker is directly under where you would sit the chicken and placing it straight onto the heating element isnt a great idea – you can run the risk of an uneven cook where the chicken maybe over cooked on the base but not cooked in the breast.

You dont need to add any liquid as during the cooking process the chicken will release enough it is cooked when juices run clear, i find this is the most economical way of buying chicken as its so much cheaper than buying a packet

Use whatever you like to flavour/infuse the chicken anything will work ive tried it trust me lol even though the spices sit on top of the skin it still infuses the meat

Once cooked and cooled you can remove the skin and use for lunches during the week here is a feature where i created 4 different meals from one chicken

Or you can turn it into a roast chicken, once cooked pop it straight into a red hot oven to crisp the skin my slow cooker has an aluminium pot so i can pop mine under a grill or in the oven. BUT make sure yours can go under the grill or into a hot oven most enamel pots can’t so check the manufacturers instructions. The best way around this if you are unsure is to place the slow cooker chicken into an oven proof casserole dish then place it into the oven.

Slow Cooker Honey Roast Pork

This was super easy to make but packed full of flavour you could also make this in the oven if you want not a problem at all.

Use any cut of pork it will work i always remove the fat once the pork is cooked but as always the choice is yours – i have also put a little top tip of how to remove the fat from the sauce if you want to use it after the pork is cooked

Slow Cooker Chinese Infused Chicken

I love chicken done in the slow cooker but decided i needed some new flavours so started to think about how to infused it with Chinese flavours without too much hassle and time – you know me i like a throw it all in approach to everything!

It turned out really well and made a nice change for Sunday lunch i created a “fakeaway” type meal with ours but as always you do whatever you like with yours – in the video i went on to show how i used my chicken and created a “lazy chow mein” and when i say lazy – hmmm it was super lazy but hey thats me!…..enjoy!!

Slow Cooker juniper infused Lamb

Got to give it to the other half this was absolutely amazing! really loved the taste but watch how much salt you use in the rub or it will come through into the Lamb.  But another easy recipe for you to try it just needs marinating the night before and makes a lovely change for Sunday Lunch

My advice is to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to cook it i like to cook lamb long and low this joint i used was only a small leg of lamb ( i have a 3.5ltr slow cooker) so you should be able to judge the size i used the large cut of lamb you use i would add more juniper berries to help bring through the flavour into the cooked meat

Slimming world syns = Zero

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Another easy one my only trouble with this and slimming world is that im not sure of cooking a pork joint in their recommended syn free sauce i mean how much fat comes out of a pork joint??? loads! and thats even after you have removed as much as you can see.  However as always the choice is yours, i decided to do the pulled pork without the sauce and add it once cooked i did this mainly because Graeme doesn’t like BBQ sauce but done this way you can feed any army and let them add whatever they like

Toad in the hole

Another family favourite that you can enjoy with the whole family Toad in the hole and trust me your family wont notice the difference – this is basically the 1 syn yorkshire pudding recipe but with low syn sausages! I used half the mixture as there is only the 2 of us and in my Toad i used weight watchers cumberland sausages half a syn each therefore 4 syns total (if your following slimming world) if not use whatever sausages you wish and turn it into a vegetarian dish by using vegetarian sausages so no one has to feel left out

This is really easy to make and will also freeze well if you want to batch cook

Slow Cooker Gammon/Ham

Im sure you will all be aware by now that im always looking for ways to save money and this is one of my top money saving tips! This 1kg joint of gammon was about £3.50 ish  which is a good size – i always cook mine in the slow cooker you can take it out at the end and glaze it pop it in the oven and finish it off, but this joint was to use in soups, pastas, rice and sandwiches and is much cheaper than buying packet ham.  Here is how i do mine ginger beer works well with ham as it adds a sweet spicy kick to the meat not over powering but just a different taste

once cooked this will also freeze well for another day

Slow Cooker Beef Brisket / Beef Joint

Nom Nom i love beef but sometimes it can be a bit “chewy” and tough but not when done this way plus its another of my Lazy Sunday Dinners which makes the beef melt in your mouth beautifully tasty. For 2 people i tend to use a joint approx 750g – 1kg.

I have cooked all cuts of beef in the method below and it always turns out delicious for me the key is to give yourself plenty of time and cook the joint on low and for a long period i find if you rush it you can run the risk of not cooking it for long enough and ending up with a tough piece of meat on your plate.

You can add any flavours you like i have even used a small bottle of lager to cook the meat in and that works really well, but a dash of water works equally as well.

If you would like to make the gravy from the meat juices i would really recommend getting a fat separator jug this will remove the fat from the juices with great ease, i have used every method know to man to do this and they are all a pain and time consuming.

The jug i use in the video is on my Amazon Shop press the link and look under kitchen gadgets

Slow Cooker Pork (With Crispy Crackling)

Ahhhhh you’ve got to love a lazy Sunday lunch and this has got to be it! I absolutely love pork but it can have a tendency to be chewy and dry but not when cooked this way it turns into melt in your mouth yummyness. In the video below i have also shown how to create crispy crackling, we dont like the fat off any meats so for us this usually gets given to our local fox lol………however i know a lot of families like it so here is how i would do mine.

I always say you must lift the pork or any meats off the bottom of the slow cooker …why??? the heating element is right under the inner pot when you place it back into the slow cooker housing this is the hottest part of the slow cooker and this can make the meat cook quicker in the centre which can make it dry but more importantly not cook it evenly which can be dangerous when cooking meat.

Another option for using slow cooker Pork is to make pork buns with apple sauce and stuffing

Oxo Roasties

This a fab way of cooking roast potatoes as the stock keeps them lovely and soft and adds a nice little background flavour

if you have hard potatoes par boil them first
turn the potatoes half way through the cooking time to ensure both tops and bottoms are cooked
all the liquid doesn’t have to be evaporated but 90% of it should be that way you know they are cooked

potatoes of your choice
1 x oxo cube
half a pint of boiling water
spray oil

Slow Cooker Lamb With Gravy Made from meat juices

This is a really easy and lovely way to cook Lamb as it ensures the meat becomes so succulent and will literally fall off the bone
The idea here is to create a trivet to stand the lamb on this also keeps it off the bottom of the slow cooker you will see on the video what i used but basically you can used whatever you have carrots parsnips leeks and you can add any herbs you want this will add a lovely background flavour to the lamb

In the video below you will see i used a fat separator jug which is on my Amazon Shop press the link it will take you there then look under kitchen gadgets

As you can see it makes removing the fat so easy, to be honest I’m not sure why I didn’t buy one of these years ago as they make the job so much easier.

Meat Thermometer

I find a meat thermometer invaluable mine was bought for me as an xmas present and i have to say its been well used! When i first got into cooking i was paranoid about cooking chicken – well any meat really as i was never sure if it was cooked even though it was falling off the bone…yep thats cooked! Thermometers come in digital or mechanical. The one i use is linked on my amazon shop