Slow Cooker Chicken (which can be turned into Roast Chicken)

Slow Cooker Chicken one of the easiest ways to cook a chicken add any flavours you want or leave plain. The chicken must be lifted off the bottom of the slow cooker you can use any old vegetables to do this, ramekins turned upside down or scrunched up foil balls to sit the chicken on this keeps it out of the juices.

More importantly the heating element of the slow cooker is directly under where you would sit the chicken and placing it straight onto the heating element isnt a great idea – you can run the risk of an uneven cook where the chicken maybe over cooked on the base but not cooked in the breast.

You dont need to add any liquid as during the cooking process the chicken will release enough it is cooked when juices run clear, i find this is the most economical way of buying chicken as its so much cheaper than buying a packet

Use whatever you like to flavour/infuse the chicken anything will work ive tried it trust me lol even though the spices sit on top of the skin it still infuses the meat

Once cooked and cooled you can remove the skin and use for lunches during the week here is a feature where i created 4 different meals from one chicken

Or you can turn it into a roast chicken, once cooked pop it straight into a red hot oven to crisp the skin my slow cooker has an aluminium pot so i can pop mine under a grill or in the oven. BUT make sure yours can go under the grill or into a hot oven most enamel pots can’t so check the manufacturers instructions. The best way around this if you are unsure is to place the slow cooker chicken into an oven proof casserole dish then place it into the oven.

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