Creamy Mashed Potato (using an Egg)

I have seen this many many times on the internet and and blogs and always wondered does it work??? will it be eggy?? and will it leave lumpy egg in my mash??? well i can confirm the answer to all these are NO.

This works so well and gives a really creamy mash i used 1 egg in my portion and if following slimming world this now keeps your mash syn free.

Nacho’s (using wrap)

I loved this idea and it really worked well and i will be using it again as it was so easy to do. 

Use any flavours you like and any oil you like. I used Spicentice chipotle rub which was amazing i have used these spices for nearly 2 years now and they just never fail i absolutely love them if you want to give them a try you can use my discount code JULES20 which will get you 20% off your order. 

Go To Spicentice

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

I have wanted to make this for ages but there are just like a million other things that take up your time but not today! Two tubs of high calorie high fat hummus used in 2 weeks tipped me over the edge ha! So i decided today was the day and it took all of 5 minutes why have i not done this before??? it was so simple to makes tastes amazing you can add whatever flavours you want  herbs spices whatever you have lying around bosh in it goes!

This batch was roasted red peppers from a jar but before i added them to the mix i washed the brine off as i didnt want that taste in the hummus.  I also used fage total yogurt 0% as im totally loving this for cooking with it really does make a difference to the taste but as always use what you have but remember to syn anything that carries a value.

Once blitzed place into an airtight container and keep in the fridge for about 4 days this makes approx 2 shop bought tubs for the cost of some chickpeas hmmmmmm wont be making that mistake again!

Slow Cooker Pease Pudding

If your from “up North” then you probably know what this is but if not then its worth giving it a go Pease pudding is basically split yellow peas cooked and then blended, then once cooled served with cold meats or in my case a huge ham and pease pudding bap ……..hmmmm nom nom! (its a childhood thing lol)

I have added a carrot and shallot you really cant pick these out once cooked and blended they just add a little something to the flavour

This is syn free if following slimming world

Winter Slaw

This makes a fantastic accompaniment to any dish and basically it will go with anything your eating you can used whatever veggies you like but if your adding tomatoes and cucumber add them before serving or the slaw will go soggy and there is nothing worse than a soggy slaw haha!

If following Slimming World this is a brilliant way to get speed veggies on your plate and its totally syn free!

Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes

This has got to be the easiest shortcut ever and i know they can be done in the microwave but when your at work all day or out at the weekend for me i just want to walk through the door and have no messing! you can literally pick these out of the slow cooker and get your meal done and you may need the microwave to heat other things – anyway the choice is yours!

Some tips Рcooking time will depend on how big your potatoes are and what size slow cooker your using and how quickly it cooks but as a rule of thumb i would say 6-7 hours on low, i did a test batch when i was in the house as my slow cooker is a bit of a hottie.  You will see i also scrunched up some foil and sat it on the bottom of the slow cooker when i used my old cooker i had a couple of occasions when the bottom of the potatoes were burned so i decided to lift them off the bottom and sit them on some foil

If the potatoes come out and are brown in the middle dont worry they have just been over cooked they are still perfectly fine and will probably have a “nutty” taste to them – just adjust your cooking time next time around

Smash Scones

These are super simple and real tasty plus they are so easy to make – you can used any flavour smash and cottage cheese plus you can enhance the flavour by adding any spices and herbs you want or add extra cheese. I cook these in my halogen oven so i find i need to flip them over to ensure the bottoms are cook through. Also remember if you are following slimming world smash now carries a syn value.

You Will Need

1 x packet of smash any flavour

300g of fat free cottage cheese any flavour

2 medium eggs

Oxo Roasties

This a fab way of cooking roast potatoes as the stock keeps them lovely and soft and adds a nice little background flavour

if you have hard potatoes par boil them first
turn the potatoes half way through the cooking time to ensure both tops and bottoms are cooked
all the liquid doesn’t have to be evaporated but 90% of it should be that way you know they are cooked

potatoes of your choice
1 x oxo cube
half a pint of boiling water
spray oil

Bombay Potatoes (Spicentice)

I love a good curry and especially ones that are easy to do! well as you know i don’t do fussy and when your cooking over a weekend its nice to have something special to eat without spending hours of cooking it. In this curry i have used a spice kit by Spicentice and have to had it to these guys they certainly have got this right this kit is also syn free if your following Slimming World but if not then they are a really healthy option as they contain no nasty’s here is my video of how i used the kit.

Use my discount code Jules 20 for 20% of any order

Syn Free Raita Dip

Such a fab and easy dip – love making this to go with chicken keebabs (saves on using syns on mayo!) and is so fresh well worth making especially if your having a BBQ or a Indian meal

Fat Free Yogurt
Mint – fresh is best

Adjust the dip to your taste by adding less or more of all the ingredients experiment until you get the taste you like when i started making this dip i added less of everything then slowly slowly added more of each ingredient until it matched what i wanted it to be