Duck a l’orange

oh la la this was created by my OH Graeme and have to say huge thank you to him as it was gorgeous! as with all this fizzy drink recipes you need patience to reduce the liquid but its really worth it for the end result.

Spot the spelling mistake in the video should say ADD NOT ASS……ooooops! ahhhh well im sure you will get the drift!

Depending on the fresh orange you use you may need to bash it a bit to get it to release its juice ours fell apart in the pan under the heat i then sieved the sauce at the end to remove all the pith and bits.

The duck can be cooked to however you like it as your basically poaching it in the sauce which keeps it lovely and tender – and again take your time to render the fat out of the duck if using breast as you dont want that in the sauce also leave it to rest for 5 to 10 mins once rendered before you add i into the sauce.

Well worth making the tastes are so good

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