Weighted Blanket

I bought this on the recommendation of an Instagram friend who like me suffers from Chronic pain and fatigue. Got to admit I had never even heard of a weighted blanket but at the time my sleeping was so bad I decided to take the plunge. I purchased mine on 15th April 2021.

So today (4th May 2021) I’m still using my blanket every night and I really can say its helped my sleeping which in turn helps my pain levels.

I wake up feeling rested and ready for the day so for me this is a must and definitely a 10 out of 10.

Weighted blankets can be horrendously expensive so I did my research and went for the cheaper end of the market as everyone said there is very little difference between the expensive ones and cheaper versions.

Press here view mine look in LIFESTYLE section https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/julesthelazycook


Slow Cooker Marmalade & Black Pepper Gammon

I wanted to create a budget family friendly meal especially for Sunday Dinner and I can say with full confidence I definitely nailed it.

The gammon was perfect I used 1kg unsmoked Gammon which we got from the Co-op costing £3.50 this joint will feed a family of four or more depending on what you served with it.

One recurring comment with Gammon is “mine falls apart and does not slice” this is because the gammon is overcook, there is nothing wrong with that shredded Gammon is gorgeous.

If you want your Gammon to slice you need a digital meat thermometer and once the internal cooked temperature is reached remove it from the slow cooker.

The digital meat thermometer I use is on my Amazon Shop press here https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/julesthelazycook


I was kindly gifted some pizza bases by Lo Dough I have heard lots of good things about them so decided to take up their offer.

There are so many recipes you can make from the bases but I went for standard pizza because I think we can all gauge how good or not so good something is from pizza.

I made 2 pizzas one for me one for Graeme, he is way more fussy than I am so when testing out things like this I always get him to taste too.

We both really enjoyed them but I do think you need to get the heat under the base to crisp it so I used an oven tray with holes in to allow this to happen.

The video below is a brief demonstration of how I cooked ours.

You can find more information regarding Lo Dough here https://lodough.co


The MY Spike was kindly gifted to me by the Company and I have to say I’m so pleased I agreed to test it out.

As you know Im a huge fan of kebabs and have made them many different ways including creating a spike stuck in a potato – this kind of works but it’s so unstable.

The MY Spike cooks the chicken which is placed onto the spike from the inside out making It super easy to ensure the centre of the Kebab is cooked

In the video below you will see how I built the Kebab and my thoughts regarding the product.

My Spike do have a facebook page which is https://www.facebook.com/myspike/

How I make and marinate my kebabs press here https://julesthelazycook.co.uk/2020/08/18/shish-kebabs/

Yorkshire Puddings Cooked in a Halogen Oven

For the last year or so i have cooked my yorkshire puddings in the halogen oven and it works well and when you only need a small amount of puddings this is a fantastic way of cooking them.

The yorkshire pudding batter i use is based on the 1 cup of each ingredient recipe which is ratio based again when you only want a 4 puddings this mix is perfect

My halogen and the silicone ramekin moulds i use can be found on my Amazon Shop linked here https://www.amazon.co.uk/shop/julesthelazycook

Facebook Page Hacked

Hi everyone i don’t even know where to begin im absolutely devastated that my Facebook page Jules the Lazy Cook has been hacked and i have no idea how to get it back.

I have been trying since 4.30am this morning to contact Facebook without joy they really dont seem interested in talking to anyone never mind me and right now i sat not knowing which way to turn

If you want to contact me you can do so via messages on instagram or on my Youtube (Jules The Lazy Cook)

Please bear with me im doing everything i can to try and get control over my page again.

SP Foods

Then we move onto foods that are classed as S&P and again i keep these handy cards on my phone as i find it useful when planning my meals its easy to get caught out in the early days!

The golden rule is 50% of your plate is to be Speed and 50% of your plate to be Protein
You can have 2 Healthy Extra B’s a Day and 1 Healthy Extra A Choice .

My Weight has finally started to move again so for now i will be sticking to the SP plan and see how i get on – I gained 6.5lbs on holiday and once home started straight back on plan with 5 SP days and lost 4.5lbs in the first week this is unheard of for me!

SP Info (NOT SP) Foods

As some of you will know since the beginning of this year i have really struggled with my weight i have either maintained or gained or losing only small amounts every now and then.  So i decided to try some Slimming World SP days, i have avoided these like the plague because for some reason i have got it into my head that they are difficult – there not, what i will say is they are best planned and ensure you know what your having for lunch and dinner because the first time i did them this is what caught me out.

There are certain foods that are NOT SP and here is a little visual to help i keep this on my phone as a handy reminder

Im loving SP as it really suits me i do think you have to bit a little inventive but thats fine i like a challenge

Slow Cooker Soup (Veg)

Here is what i call my “veg on its last legs” soup because basically its all the veg that has past its best but is perfectly fine for making soup – i have popped mine into the slow cooker because i was short on time but you can easily do it in a pan on the hob.  Add any veg and any herbs and spices you want this makes a huge pan of soup and if following slimming world is syn free – it also freezes well

Mini Stuffed Pumpkin

Just loved this! and its so easy to do would make a fab starter or main for a dinner party, but its also a great way of getting speed veggies into your diet (if your following slimming world) this recipe is so adaptable you can add anything you want i added a little bit of chorizo and it really went well with the dish, This also makes a fantastic vegetarian dish

Slow Cooker Paella

Im not a big fish eater but i do try so decided to give Paella a whirl using Spicentice spice kit then i made it even easier and popped it all in the slow cooker – it works a treat especially for a Paella novice like me as i could control the consistency of the rice perfectly – i add prawns towards the end but you can add any sea food you like

NOTE depending on what rice you use you may need to add more water my slow cooker works quite hot so after 1.5 hours i had to add more water in the end i added 3 mugs of water but each cooker is different so just watch the liquid level towards the end of cooking time

Syn Free Passata Sauce

Love this sauce not only is it syn free its easy to make and can be stored in the fridge in an air container for at least a week making it an easy go to meal, it also freezes well. The batch i have made makes approx 4 portions but it will depend on what you use it for her is how i use it:-

Pizza base
Sauce for pasta – you could add extra mushroom and bacon to it
Base for Spaghetti Bolognese
Base for meatballs
Goes well with prawns also


1 tin of Tomatoes
1 onion ( i use red as i feel it gives a softer flavour but use what you have)
Garlic (add to your taste)
Worcestershire Sauce – a dash
Balsamic Vinegar a good glug
Red wine Stock pot (syn free) or you could use red wine the choice is yours
1 tablespoon of tomatoe puree
Basil as much as you want i also added some oregano but again the choice is yours

Take time to sweat the onions down slowly it will really pay off  keep them on a low heat and if they start burning take them off the heat and let the pan cool once cooled gently heat again once they have a “jammy” feel and look they are done
Tinned Tomatoes can have a lot of added juice if this happens with the ones you use just keep the pan on a low heat bubbling away until the excess juice has reduced down into the sauce
Adjust the taste to suit you – like more garlic add more, like more basil add more its a very versatile sauce and has so many uses
Leave chunky or smooth the choice is yours
Make a big batch and freeze then your only minutes away from a meal