Sweet & Sour Chicken

Ohhhh the months I have spent thinking about this recipe and trying to make it “diet friendly” has actually hurt my head 🤣🤣 However, it’s all being worthwhile.

We absolutely loved this recipe and for us it ticked all the boxes and it will be making another appearance on my meal plan very soon.

When creating this recipe I wanted to show you that you can take time to create a meal say for the weekend that is amazing but also one midweek which will also be equally as good. Here is my thinking…. in this recipe you will see i have coated and baked the chicken and I have to admit it was really tasty. You could actually make this recipe without coating or baking the chicken which will speed up the cooking and reduce calories.

How would you do this…. dice the chicken and in a large frying pan sprayed with oil cook the chicken towards the end of cooking turn the pan to a high heat just to add a little bit of colour to the chicken removed from pan and set aside. Then make the sauce as decribed below.

As you know I follow Slimming World but I’m not going to give syn values on any of my recipes as it breaks copyright rules. So below is the information you need to work this out for yourself:-

Tomato Sauce – depends on brand you use, and if you decide to use reduced sugar versions

Sugar / Sweetener – depends how you calculate it

Cornflakes – you could use breadcrumbs, or you may opted to not coat and bake the chicken

These variables can only be decided by you and what diet you follow and how you calculate your diet plan / calories.

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