Vegetarian Sausage & Bean Casserole Slow Cooker

This is the first recipe I’ve created for a vegetarian meal and i have to say it was absolutely delicious. Moving forward im hoping to cook a meat free meal every Monday without always using meat substitutes such as quorn i want to be able to use all the other fantastic ingredients that i love such as beans and pulses.

With this recipe you can add your favourite sausages but if they are meat based then you need to add them at the beginning of the cooking, the one thing i noticed with vegetarian sausages if that they dont have the “firmness” of a meat based sausage. However the vegetarian sausages i used in the recipe were really good and i would definitely buy them again.

NOTE Once cooked taste the sauce if its too “tomatoey” sorry bad word but you get what i mean then add a couple of splashes of Worcester Sauce or the Vegetarian equivalent you could even add a dash of brown sauce basically you need to add some sugar / sweetness to calm the acidity of the tomatoes down.

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