Orange Chilli Chicken

Yet another winner in our house i really loved this one again simple to make the flavours were amazing and all the ingredients are store cupboard so nothing special is needed to recreate the meal.

This recipe may need adjusting to suit your taste and this will depend on how sweet the oranges are you use. Also how sweet the marmalade is, as marmalade can be “sharp” rather than sweet depending on the brand you use.

In the ingredients list I have added honey as OPTIONAL I didn’t add it to mine but you many want a tiny drizzle in yours remember taste, taste and taste again.

The sauce takes a little patience to reduce so give yourself time, you could add a small amount of cornflour or Xanthan Gum. If using Xanthan Gum add half a teaspoon at a time as you really don’t need much of it to thicken sauces.

As an option you could dust the chicken in flour this would help thicken the sauce quicker, the choice as always is yours.

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