Crispy Duck (pancakes ish)

I have wanted to make this for ages now and i finally got around to it i think the duck has been sitting waiting patiently in our freezer for months ha!

 But here we have it! you will see i have cooked the duck in the slow cooker the reason for this is to render all the fat from the duck but make sure its cooked through and at the same time keep it moist.

  If you dont have a slow cooker dont worry just follow the steps in the video and pop the duck into a casserole dish with a lid sit it on top of the foil as shown with a little water.  You will need to cook it on a relatively low heat until its cooked through.

There is nothing really fancy to the cooking of this one and the only thing you need to add is salt and pepper whilst pan frying the duck off its actually the hoisin sauce that gives all the flavour

So why duck pancakes ish???? i didnt have time to recreate a slimming version of the pancake but i have a cunning plan which i will share with you all at a later date! However a wrap works really well in its place……….enjoy xxx

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