Crispy Chilli Beef

Wowzers this was amazing and so simple to make and can be on the table in 15mins if that! This will definitely hit that weekend takeaway spot and you really wont feel like your missing anything trust me!

You can use fresh ginger if you wish but be careful fresh ginger can really pack and punch and add a lot of heat to a dish. In the video you will see my chilli looks frozen – it was, i keep all my chilli’s and fresh ginger in the freezer until i need them, this avoids so much food waste.

The key to getting the sauce to how you want it to taste is “taste it” not everyone’s taste buds are the same so you may want to add a dash of lime juice or a dash of honey /sweetener or more ginger.

Cook the beef to 80% on a low/medium heat this will stop it having that “rubbery” texture, then once you add it back to the sauce finish the cooking have the pan on a high heat to get those crispy edges. My other top tip is, if you can pay a little bit more for the beef you use it will make a difference to the end result.

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