Diet Fanta Chicken

Sounds weird but it actually works well it actually works really well i made this recipe many years ago and decided today (16th June 2021) to give it a bit of TLC and update it.

When i originally cooked this recipe i added the vegetables, chicken and sauce to the frying pan and started reducing the sauce what a carry on! it took forever as we all know all vegetables are water so all you are doing is boiling the vegetables and adding more water to the sauce.

In this version i have cooked the chicken in the sauce and cooked the vegetables separately much better and certainly a whole lot easier, but as always you do whatever suits you and your family.

This recipe is claimed to taste like ” sweet and sour” hmmmm ok it kind of does but I’m going to be really honest there are two versions of sweet and sour on my website that knock the socks of this. However as a quick throw it in pan meal it works well and uses very little ingredients and for me those meals are always a winner.

If the sauce gets too thick add a splash of Fanta and Passata.

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