Slow Cooker Lasagne

This is such an easy way to cook lasagne – i cooked the ragu (bolognese) part in the slow cooker for me this is just easier but you can do it whichever way you like – cooking it on the hob works equally as well. Plus my recipe for this part is basically my spag bol recipe it just works so well, so i cook up a huge batch of bolognese then decide which meal to turn it into.

For the white sauce i have tried everything and to be honest most of them work, i have used a tin of macaroni cheese blended with a dash of water which really works, i have used a packet of Bachelors mac cheese cooked it and blended it again that works also. Then we come to the packet which sauce mixes you can buy from the supermarkets the one i used most recently was the Colmans and again it works equally as well as all the other methods.

However my preferred method at the minute is to use primula cheese with a dash of warm water mixed into a sauce consistency, I know totally unconventional and i can hear the screams from here, but don’t knock it until you have tried it, because it really really does work and i promise you wont be able to tell the difference I didn’t even tell my other half and he never even guessed, plus it saves so much faffing around. You will also see in the “how to” video i don’t use white sauce on every layer again its just down to personal preference i have done it all ways, even just used it on the top layer and it makes no difference to the end dish, again just do whatever you and your family like and enjoy.

In my video it shows i make my lasagne in 2 stages – the bolognese then once cooked assemble the lasagne for me this is easier but do whatever suits you and your family.


Perfect for smaller families, this is another reason i cook up a batch of bolongnese and freeze it into batches . Also if you are watching your calories this perfect as you are reducing the lasagne sheets used the cheese used etc i have made these a few times now and really enjoy this version. I added a dash of warm water to Primula Cheese to turn into a sauce and used this as the white sauce part honestly was delicious, plus if following Slimming World this is a HEa.

Quick Lasagne

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