Slow Cooker Maggi So Juicy Bag ANY FLAVOUR

I love these Maggi bags they really can help get a quick tasty meal on the table with very little effort. The bags are designed to be cooked in the oven but they work equally as well cooked in the slow cooker I have used this method for years now and they always produce a fab meal.

Use any bag you like the method is the same regardless of flavour, just a couple of tips once the bag is filled with the ingredients give it a good massage to ensure the spice kit is distributed evenly.

Also the packet comes with a red tie if cooking in the slow cooker you don’t need that just roll the top of the bag over loosely try and squash as much air out of the bag as possible.

Add water to the slow cooker just enough to cover the base as this stops the slow cooker cooking above the set temperature.

NOTE:- if your using a slow cooker that has a ceramic pot once the meal is cooked leave the pot to cool completely before you wash it up DONT put it into any water until its cool or you could crack it

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