Asda Food Shop 29th August

I dont often shop at asda as i usually have my shopping delivered from Tesco but i thought i would make the effort and go to Asda as i really do like their products.

A little video showing some of the items i bought on Thursday together with all prices etc

NOTE the tandoori chicken at the end of the video is syn free 

Healthy Chips & Wedges

One of the most asked questions i get is how do you cook your chips/ wedges??? over the years i have tried many many methods and they are ok but i find most of the methods have led to a very dry chip which to be honest isnt great.

This is the method i have used for many years now and it gives a crunch to the outside but a soft fluffy inner – which is just how i like my chips.
The pre soaking removes some of the starch which helps to chips to cook quicker and it also means you dont have to soak them in oil it really does help reduce the amount you use.

I have also used every potato under the sun and again they all work so no need to spend a fortune on what other people think are the best potatoes use whichever ones you like.

Banana Loaf / Cake

This is such a winner of a cake and a fantastic way to use up bananas that are going past their best its also very versatile so you can add any flavours you like ….vanilla, chocolate chips etc just remember to add them into your diet plan calculations.

In the recipe below you will see i have said 2-4 Tablespoons of sweetener this is because it will depend on how sweet your bananas are for this recipe the ones that are going black are the best as that’s when they are at their sweetest.

We love this cake and when you need something sweet but want to remain on plan it works so well. However this brings me on to the million dollar question if you are following Slimming World or Calorie Counting … Calories and Syns.

The calories are the easiest just add the recipe below into your calorie counting app but the problem with this is how many slices you cut the cake into to give you the cals per slice – this cake can be cut into 16 but let’s be realistic that isn’t going to happen.

Slimming world – this is where you need to decide what is best for you and your diet – mashed cooked banana is synned so you will need to decide what’s best for you. Personally I don’t syn it but that’s just me and its the same with sweetener this should be synned, again you need to do what’s best for you. You also need to decide how many slices you are going to cut the cake into .

Roast Potatoes

This is always one of the questions i get asked “how do you make your roast potatoes” and i feel its always easier to show you rather than answer the question so i have made a little video going through how i do it.

In here you will see i do not use the traditional method of par boiling (in a pan on the hob) i just find that too fussy so i use a microwave and this works for anything you want to par boil.

I also dont use Frylite…..i know dont shoot me!! but i feel you just have to use way too much to get anything cooked and for me that is not healthy regardless of what anyone says, however if you remove some of the starch from the potatoes you may find you use less and lets face it that cant be a bad thing can it?

Use any potatoes you like I’ve used them all and they all work perfectly so just use whichever ones you and your family like.

Sticky Sausages

Yay!!! i finally got around to making this recipe – one more ticked off my list 😃

I would say 95% of the time i cook from scratch but there are times when this is just not possible for a multitude of reasons – lets face it we all have those days when lack of energy or tiredness win out but that doesn’t mean we have to eat an off plan meal or something that is boring and here is a prime example of what i mean. In this video everything i used is from a packet – was it boring? No was it tasteless? No in fact quite the opposite, a really tasty meal that im sure you can adapt for all the family.

I used quorn sausages in this one but you could really use any you or the family like

Chill Beef Stir Fry

I made this recipe back in May 2017 and haven’t revisited it since! But recently im loving these simple 5 min stir fry meals as they are just hassle free.

Today i have cooked this one live for you all because if like me you are not good with written recipes i think these see how its done videos are really helpful.

Southern Fried Chicken Bites

Another video from my “tea time cooking sessions” and this one is an absolute perfect family meal the kids will love this one! It went down a storm in our house and will be back on the menu very soon. 

In this video i have used cornflakes as i think it adds a better crunch to the chicken bites and the spices i added are from Click Here →Spicentice website and if you want to try any spices you can use my discount code Jules 20% which will get you 20% off any order (affiliate link/code)

Red Onion Gravy

I think this has got to be one of the most asked questions i get from my Facebook Group and Instagram – so i thought i would make a little live video to show you how i do mine, i use this method a lot and it never fails plus i find it a nifty quick hack for whipping up a jug of tasty gravy.

If you don’t have a red onion then use a white one, you can leave it chunky as i did or blend it smooth – onion is a natural thickener so it will really help get a fab thickness if like me you like your gravy to coat the food.

The key is to have patience softening onions takes time and the more you soften then the sweeter & tastier they become. Also this gravy freezes well so any leftovers pop it in the freezer, during the winter months I make up a huge batch and freeze it saves me doing it every week 🤣.

To get this thicker style gravy I used a whole red onion between 2 of us soften it down added the liquid as in the above video. Then I took half the onion out with a little of the liquid and blended it smooth returned it back to the pan and continued to reduce. If you blend the onion it will give you a lovely thick gravy.

Sticky Pork Stir Fry – Cooked in Real Time

It seems like an age since i have posted or made any new recipes – life and time always seem to get in the way and this is a great example of that! Me cooking in my pjs lol

Sticky Pork Stir Fry a very easy meal which can be created very quickly and if following slimming world the only syns are for the honey – this serves 2 people.

Lamb Bhuna by the Twisted Curry Company

I was sent some sample packs by The Twisted Curry Company to try so decided to make the Bhuna one which is one of Graeme’s favourites.  These kits are designed to be cooked on the hob but me being me decided to cook mine in the slow cooker!! and to be honest it was such an easy dish to cook it worked perfectly.

There is a review of the Bhuna at the end of the video

This will batch cook well and freeze well.