Microwave Bacon

Got to admit when i first did this i frazzled the bacon and the kitchen roll stuck to the rashers but god loves a trier so i persevered with it and found a way that worked for me so here goes:-


Dont pat the kitchen roll down after laying the bacon down this makes the kitchen roll stick to the rashers
It will depend on the type and thickness of bacon you use as to how long you want to microwave it for and how crispy or not crispy you like it (i like mine well done)
If you build the power up slowly this stops the bacon becoming overdone and you can get it cooked the way you like it
Each microwave is different so have play around with heat and time settings once you have cracked it you wont look back…………………..  no more cleaning messy grill pans out!

Potato Waffles

These are so easy to make all i used was instant mashed potatoe flakes (WHICH IF FOLLOWING SLIMMING WORLD NOW CARRIES A SYN VALUE) then added some chives but you could add anything you want the key to this is not to add too much mixture to the moulds keeping a thin layer will give you a thin crispy waffle but if you like them full and softer add more mixture!

If you want a truly syn free waffle use potatoes, microwave them then scoop out the flesh add the flavouring and an egg to bind then follow the instructions in the video.

To make them even more interesting you could add bacon, mushroom or even a smattering of cheese the choices are endless.  These could be batch cooked and frozen to use at a later date

Baked Oats

These are a fantastic alternative to cereals in their traditional form as you can batch cook these ahead and they will keep in an air tight container for a couple of days.  They make a fantastic mid afternoon snack served with fruit and are so filling, on the video below i doubled the quantities to make 2 breakfasts so 2 x HEb (oats)

I also used Sukrin sweetener which is a natural alternative to sugar but you can use whatever is your usually sugar substitute